Sunday, April 28, 2013

Who do we dress for?


Survey Link

If you have a spare few minutes I'd really appreciate if you could fill out this survey- it would really help with my uni work essay, and future dissertation planning.

It's about who women dress for- and that age long debate about our real motivations.

I just found this post I found quite interesting reading-

I think we all take an interest in this and other peoples views so please do this survey if you have time.

Thanks so much lovelies!

Becky xxx

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Soap & Glory

I love Soap & Glory.
Everything about it - the smell, the packaging, how soft it makes my skin, just, everything!
I had lots of products from a hamper I got a while ago, that have all finally ran out. But my brother must have taken a tip off my mum, as he bought me these for my birthday...
My favourite product from the soap and glory is ALWAYS the 'FLAKE AWAY' exfoliator- I use it religiously, and definitely always before and after fake tanning so it's completely even. It's not too harsh on your skin like some exfoliators, and smells divine!
I love the ' butter YOURSELF' body butter- I slap it on with damp skin after a shower and it's one of the best moisturisers I've ever used and leaves your skin feeling heavenly for hours. That's the only thing that bugs me with some moisturisers, they can smell amazing but they fade so quick!
My other favourite product is their hand cream- I haven't bought it for a while so it could well have changed, but last time I had it it smelt like marshmallows, and was really silky.
The great thing is although they are more expensive than some other bathing products- the products last for ages as you don't need much to go a long way, and you get large quantities. They often run offers such as 3 for 2 on Soap and Glory in Boots, as well as a free product so look out!
I can't wait to use these again.
Becky xxx

Benefit Mascara and Triple Performing Facial Emulsion Reviews

They're Real! Benefit Mascara



Consumer Panel Survey
94% saw dramatic length and volume
90% saw base to tip curl
100% saw long wearing results
I agree with each statement strongly, but not so strongly the long wearing results. The mascara is the best I've ever used, and with only one or two strokes there is a huge difference in the appearance of my eyelashes which makes it a lot more cost effective. I used to always apply one coat, let it dry and reapply another coat with old mascaras. But one quick coat is all you need with this. However- having used this for a month or two now I have noticed the wearability factor. By evening when I am getting ready to go out - I do have to reapply the mascara, which I have never had a problem with previously using cheaper High-street mascaras, but paying slightly more you expect the best! Getting the mascara off is also quite hard work- I use a Garnier eye make-up remover but even this isn't tough enough.. (It could be wear I do sometimes use thicker layers and do a few more coats). I suppose I shouldn't complain though- as although it doesn't state it is waterproof it is quite resistant! I have found the quickest and most effective way to remove it is using vaseline on a cotton wool bud at the end of the day. But I will never go back to any other mascara having said this- it very quickly lifts eyelashes and extends the appearance of them- and saves a lot of time not having to reapply a few coats like conventional mascaras.
Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulshion
Beneficial Factors
SPF 15
Oil Free
Tri-Radiance complex (Radiates and captures water on skin surface)

As this is oil free I thought it'd be great on my T-zone. I have been using this day and night for two days now, and have noticed a huge improvement in the softness of my skin. I am always very wary trying new creams on my skin as I suffer from very sensitive skin, and often suffer from eczema. But this has been very kind indeed! It is very sillky applying it, and being clear it sinks into the skin and dries extremely quickly. It also smells beautiful. I love the little bottle this came in too! After being so impressed with this mascara and facial emulsion, I am very keen to try more Benefit products. It's just a shame they're so out of the student price range!
Let me know if you've tried these and what you think, or if you use any Benefit products you'd say are worth a try!
Becky xxx

Lipcote Review

Lipcote Review

I was given this by my lovely mum for my birthday!

I have been meaning to buy it for atleast a year- but it's one of those things I always forget... It is a lipstick sealer.

I have tried it over a few days now- the results are incredible.

On the night out for my birthday I used a dark berry lipstick, that would normally fade or stay on patches of my lips after only around half hours wear. This is me wearing it below (with my friend Ellen), after an hour of applying. And once we were out about 3-4 hours after applying it still looked the same!
After applying lipcote, I didn't reapply my lipstick the WHOLE night! I was amazed! Even after quite a few drinks, the colour stayed strong.

It is so easy to use- Apply Lipstick as normal, dab off excess, and apply a coat of lipcote- whilst leaving your mouth open and allowing your lips to dry apart.

The only down side, would be that it does have a horrificly strong alcoholic smell, which is off putting if you're using it in the day after the night.

I have used it on lighter lipsticks, and darker- and the results seem the same for both. I would strongly recommend it- it saved minutes of reapplying lipstick.
You can buy it with this link to the Boots website- it's only £3.69!
Or pay a bit extra, £3.99 for it at ASOS and get it delivered to your door free!
Let me know what you think if you've tried it! Would always love to know your thoughts.
Becky xxx

Fruity Nail Decorations From H&M

Fruit Nail Decorations - H&M
These were given to me as part of my birthday gift from my brothers girlfriend, Beth.
They are totally adorable and I thought it was such a sweet gift! I have been excited to use them since but haven't even had time to do my nails. I have spent today trying to catch up with work- as I have an essay in for two weeks which I haven't even drafted yet. I need to get my head down! Somehow I am distracting myself by doing all these blog posts on my lovely birthday presents...
They came in this cute tittle turn-style box, and with a small pair of tweezers and nail glue. I literally painted my nails and applied a small amount of glue and tweezered on the 'fruit'! I think they look gorgeous, and so quirky.

H&M £2.99
I think my favourite is the melons!
Becky xxx

Monday, April 22, 2013

21st Weekend Outfits

Outfits From My 21st Birthday Weekend
This is my outfit of today - I went food shopping with my friend Ellen as our lecture wasn't on!
Leather Jacket - New Look Old Season
Earrings - Forever 21
Pink Neon Vest - Topshop
Chain Necklace - Topshop
Scarf - Primark Old Season
Bag - Primark
Cuffed Trousers -  H&M Old Season
Ballet Shoes - New Look
It was my 21st birthday yesterday! I went home and spent a lovely weekend with my family. We went to Jamie's Italian in Reading on Saturday night- the food was amazing as well as the cocktails, and my mum and dad suprised me with this cake at the end.
I forgot that your 21st is when all the old embarrassing baby pictures come out... But I loved it!
Clutch Bag - Accessorize Old Season
Boots - River Island
Ring-  Primark
I got this bag in the sale when I worked at Accessorize - it had a broken clasp but my mum makes jewellery so fixed a new pretty clasp on for me! It's my favourite bag.
Dress - Urban Outfitters Old Season
I had the squid starter (which I was scared of but it was AMAZING) and cannelloni for my main.
I want to go there again so badly!
On Sunday I spent the morning with my mum. In the afternoon I went to my families with my dad- and my lovely auntie laid out a gorgeous food spread for us and I drank quite alot of bubbles.
I brought back a ton of balloons to uni with me- my family spoilt me rotten, and my friends have been amazing! Couldn't have asked for a better weekend and will never forget it.
I will do a few blog posts about my presents- but here are my outfits over the weekend, including my gorgeous new Michael Kors Watch!
Jacket - New Look Old Season
Dress - Topshop
Anchor Earrings - New Look
Rings - Primark and Miss Selfridge
My Beautiful New Watch!
Engraved by my lovely dad!
Night Out 21/04- Cafe Parfait Southampton
This is me and my friend Leigh during Pre-Drinks!
Necklace - Topshop Old Season
Dress - Missguided
Belt - Primark
Lipstick - Accessorize
Hope you all had lovely weekends!
Becky xxx

Friday, April 12, 2013

Buys Of The Week

Student loans in... that means one thing to most students... that I was cheeky and went shopping (EVEN though I didn't spend much and got a few bargains I still feel guilty- and need to start looking for a job over summer! - Topshop please, TAKE ME NOW!)

So here are my buys from this week


River Island - RRP £65. I bagged them for £12!

I was surprised to even see these beauts in the sale, and being cheeky one of the zips is a teeny bit dodgy so I asked for further discount! I have worn them to uni and they are so comfy- so I know on a night out they will do me just as well! I have wanted cut out boots with buckle details for ages- and these will be great for summer as well as the chilly weather at the mo.

I picked up the following in London...

I love these- and have seen so many more expensive! 

£1.50 Primark

The dangle cross ring below and gold indented one were in a set of five rings from Primark. These are my favourites as well as a silver one with a wing on- and the set was only £2.50. I had previously bought them but bashed them around so a few broke :(

The triangular pastel ring was in the Miss Selfridge sale a few days ago, and with student discount I got it for £2.80 - DIG GIRLS!

I lost my beloved U/O Blue checkered scarf so needed a 'wear with everything' replacement.

Skirt - H&M

Skull Print Scarf £3 Primark

Thanks for reading! xxx

Press Day Events With StyleRevo

So yesterday I travelled to London to have a group
meeting with StyleRevo, and got to meet my 'partner' intern Yasmin!

We had a productive three hour meeting and came up with some great ideas by pulling eachothers ideas apart, but have figured some exciting plans for Summer and some great competitions involving universities..

After the meeting, me Tiwa and Yasmin attended
two press days, the first with Surgery PR 
and the second with Trace PR.

 Surgery PR have represented brands such as Urban Outfitters and Superdry...

On the day, they were representing brands including Givenchy, Pauls Boutique, (Which has had a radical and amazing upgrade...) Wranglers, Kipling, Lacoste, Replay, Police, Crew Clothing and Superga (Of which Rita Ora is now 'the face' for). We got a free cocktail and had a wander round with the staff explaining to us about the new ranges...

Press Event 1 Surgery PR

Givenchy sunglasses- LOVE

These bags by Pauric Sweeney are made from skins such as Pythons, and furs from ponies.. Although I never agree to real fur, animal skins, and even refuse to wear leather due to my on/off veggie-ism, they are made from the skins of the snakes that have been eaten by tribes- so it is a more sustainable source.

Innovative new denim from Wranglers, waterproof below, and 'beauty' jeans- incorporating certian therapies into the top jeans layer to reduce cellulite, and make skin soft etc. Amazing!

 Pauls Boutique have had a huge make over- revealing much classier and structured bags targeting a new market to previous years...

Tiwa trying on sunglasses... we returned to this section a few times! 

Press event 2 Trace PR

These sunglasses are from an upcoming Japanese company- cheeky!

This designer uses really odd fabrics - I can't imagine these jeans would be very practical or comfy- being literally stiff as cardboard!

LOVE the watches below!

Kaleidoscope prints are predicted to be a big trend leading into S/S14... 

This brand is soon opening there new store in London. They had some amazing stand out rings!

Below is some amazing body jewellery- the studded over lay bodice on the left was incredible!

Below are some photos of garments that really caught my eye due to design/unusual fabrics.