Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lipcote Review

Lipcote Review

I was given this by my lovely mum for my birthday!

I have been meaning to buy it for atleast a year- but it's one of those things I always forget... It is a lipstick sealer.

I have tried it over a few days now- the results are incredible.

On the night out for my birthday I used a dark berry lipstick, that would normally fade or stay on patches of my lips after only around half hours wear. This is me wearing it below (with my friend Ellen), after an hour of applying. And once we were out about 3-4 hours after applying it still looked the same!
After applying lipcote, I didn't reapply my lipstick the WHOLE night! I was amazed! Even after quite a few drinks, the colour stayed strong.

It is so easy to use- Apply Lipstick as normal, dab off excess, and apply a coat of lipcote- whilst leaving your mouth open and allowing your lips to dry apart.

The only down side, would be that it does have a horrificly strong alcoholic smell, which is off putting if you're using it in the day after the night.

I have used it on lighter lipsticks, and darker- and the results seem the same for both. I would strongly recommend it- it saved minutes of reapplying lipstick.
You can buy it with this link to the Boots website- it's only £3.69!
Or pay a bit extra, £3.99 for it at ASOS and get it delivered to your door free!
Let me know what you think if you've tried it! Would always love to know your thoughts.
Becky xxx

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