Saturday, May 24, 2014


Hey guys!!

I have just started using Depop, after becoming fed up of Ebay!

Please take a look at all my pre-loved bits, most of them hardly worn. I am having a huge clear out before leaving our uni house as I am worried about how all of it will fit back home!!

These are the items I've just put up, and will be putting lots more up this week!
My username is @beckywecky22

Anyway- I've not been feeling my best so off to bed now, for work tomorrow. I have lots of extra hours thankfully at work this week, and am looking forward to going to London Tuesday to visit the Tate with my friend Ellen, and do a spot of shopping!

Here's a picture of Mac & Cheese, after cleaning them out earlier!

Night! :) xxx

Thursday, May 22, 2014

At Home Teeth Whitening

As introduced in my last post, this is the kit I have purchased to Whiten my teeth!

I have been thinking about trying one of these for a long time, having figured I cannot afford Laser teeth Whitening.

I looked in Boots, and found this two week Rapid White kit on offer with everything you need in the box. Having purchased on impulse and not reading any reviews I am still slightly skeptical, but it was 1/3 off and I had a voucher with my advantage card, so I ended up paying less than half the original cost- only spending £10.

So here is what came in the box, the mouth moulds, the toothpaste for use before and after the treatment, the activating gel and the Whitening gel itself.

The molds were really easy to do, it was simply a case of dunking them in just boiled water and shaping them around my teeth for around 20 seconds before they had set. If you have trouble you can repeat the process too so you get them perfectly set.

You can use this kit up to 4 times per year, but it doesn't clearly state how long the results last for. I measured my teeth for Whiteness and judged mine to be at level 5-6 before treatment. It was easier to do this in good day light and I crossed my eyes slightly so the colour blurred to make it easier to judge.

After only 3 applications I already noticed a difference as you can see here:

So here is a  quick run down of how to use the set.

1. Set the molds
2. Brush teeth normally
3. Apply the Whitening gel to the inner molds
3. Widen mouth and apply the activator stick to all teeth, being careful not to let it rub on to gums
4. Put the molds on to bottom and upper teeth
5. Leave the molds on for 5-10 minutes
6. Take out molds and rinse mouth 2-3 times
7. Brush teeth again with the Whitening tooth paste provided

This process needs to be done twice a day for two weeks.

I won't lie, the first few times I used the molds I gagged. It isn't the most pleasant thing not being able to swallow or speak for 5-10 minutes. But I am becoming used to it, and hope the results will be worth it.

I will keep you updated with how it is going!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Recent Buys && Pins FMP && Home Tooth Whitening

Hey loveliiiies. I am home at the moment, having some chill time! 

I spent the day shopping with my mum on Monday, and yesterday went into Reading with my gorgeous nan and had a lovely lunch! It's really nice to spend some time with the family and not be rushed back to uni for a change. I have a free day so thought I would catch up on my blog, as it has been too long since I have been able to! I'll include the bits I've bought over the last few days in this post.

So, I've finally finished uni. All my work has been handed in- I'm free!

My final project was handed in a few weeks ago

I had a nightmare the week before and lost half my work because my hard drive broke. It was the worst day / week of my life...but I managed to make it up by spending every waking moment in the library! And I did it! People aren't exaggerating when they tell you how stressful final year is... Anyway, I completed a 20 page website design for my new tall brand Pins.

I'd love you to take a look at some of the pages and shoot images, and some of my past work in my online Portfolio at:

Since I have had some spare time around work after finishing Uniiii, I have ended up shopping a bit too often. And having too many celebratory cocktails!

I'd recommend Vodka Revs on Bedford High-street a million times over, half price food on Mondays and 2 for 1 cocktails in the eve's!(Try the Satay Chicken Flatbread pictured here...)

Me and a few friends had a blow out just after hand in, of which I lost count of how much I spent. But we felt we deserved it! The many outfits are still to be blogged, but I promise they will be coming soon, now I actually have time to care about how I look again!!!

Here's a few new looks-

I fell in love with this crop tee on ASOS Petite. It doesn't even seem Petite, which is why I suspect it was in the sale!  
Top £12 ASOS Necklace £3.99 H&M

This is the H&M necklace pictured above too. I love that it's a shorter length and that I can wear it with so many outfits. This ring was in a set of 3 Semi-Precious Gem stone rings from Topshop- £7.50.

 Above is my new Coin Necklace from New Look- £5.99, and on the underneath is the print of my new Primark Playsuit- just £5!

I can't wait to wear this gorgeous Red Floral Playsuit on holiday. I'm going to Turkey in July. It was £19.99 from New Look, also available from the Petite section. This light and cool Kimono was £9.99 from H&M.

This shift dress was in the sale in River Island for £20. I really love the Black Panel stripe that is central at the front and back. The fabric is really light and airy too for warm days.
Mirrored sunnies are making a big come back- I snatched these up in H&M for £5.99. I used them for my Jungle Gym Trend Photoshoot too!

I recently got this lovely top in Topshop. I love how the back is split, and the casual crinkle fabric means I don't need to worry about ironing! (Love that..)

I'm wearing it casually with my Grey Skater from H&M - £3.99 & Long Burgundy New Look Cardigan - £17.99 

I'm obsessed with Sunglasses & Bags. These glasses are £4.99 from New Look, and I love the Retro Blue round frames. This cool Monochrome split backpack was £8 from Primark!

This is my bargain of the year. I have a bit of a thing for Winged Totes, and have been after one with Gold clasps in Lilac or White for a while. I don't think you'll guess where I found this beaut..
Tesco. £13.

I did have to dig for one without any marks and remove the tag, BUT look at it <3

Hand Accessories

Primark Midi Rings. (Catch the light gorgeously) £1.50

£1 Fake nails from Primark. The prints are so cute. I will use Kiss stick on Glue instead as have found this is the strongest to use.

Product Reviews

First Things First- I WANT WHITE TEETH

So... Here's a picture of the kit I've bought, a 2 week at home system. Watch out for my posts on my progress and reviews on using it! I have just started using it 2 days ago whilst at home.


I love Zara perfumes, and think they are such a great price averaging £10. I had my eye on the bag sizes roller, and my lovely friend Caroline bought it for me for my birthday. I am sure it was around £4.

Whist shopping with my nan yesterday she bought me this perfume in Next. It smells quite sweet like Vanilla, I have always been a fan of Next perfumes. I also noticed this lasts quite a while, and is also perfectly sized for my bag in the evening!


Lately I have been trying my hardest to get my nails healthier, and longer. I had a Shellac manicure done for my birthday in April, so they grew longer naturally. But when it came to taking of the Shellac I wanted to keep them strong, as they split quite quickly normally.

I have heard great things about the Sally Hansen range, and a while back my mum bought me the nail strengthening nail varnish. You are supposed to apply this every couple of days under nail varnish. I did notice a difference using this over a few months, even if only slightly. They looked longer and were not splitting half as much. However, I thought I could try something else in order for them to grow as long as possible. So I purchased this.

It was on offer in Superdrug, so me and my friend Caroline got one each. I have found it makes my nails instantly strong. It works like Acrylic gel they use in salons. You brush a layer on before you paint your nails as normal. As soon as it dries I find my nails don't bend- at all. I am continuing to use it, and my nails are slowly growing! I think this may also be due to the skin hair and nail tablets I have started taking daily. I will post more nail inspo soon!