Friday, November 28, 2014

Graduation week

Last Wednesday I travelled down, (in my brothers gorgeous Mini he's been letting me drive while he's been in Scotland) to Southampton for my graduation!
I had my mum and dad in towe. It was an amazing, memorable, emotional day!

My next few days off work consisted of shopping, celebrating and being reunited with friends I've missed so much! I must have spent nearly 300 pound on dresses, trying to find two I loved for the ceremony and the Masquerade ball. All but the one I now have to return which might take me a while..

I decided on this Red eyelash lace dress from H&M which cost £34.99 for the day. It could have done with being a bit longer though! My long legs do annoy me. I didn't want to wear Black and seem boring. I had had my eyes on these court heels for atleast 2 months, I love the Patent colour. They had sold out in every Primark I had come across- and I refused to pay £50 for the ones in Topshop that looked EXACTLY the same. It pays to look around sometimes. Anyway, in a last minute trip to Basingstoke with my mum a week before graduation, I came across two pairs in their Primark. And with incredible luck, there was a size 6, and they had gone to sale for £6. That's not even the best bit- I got to the checkout and they came through at £3... Course they killed my feet for the day. But they were worth it!

We went for a family meal after the ceremony to celebrate, and then my parents left me in Southampton like old times- which was reaaally strange.

The next evening was our graduation ball. After failing miserably at finding a dress I loved suitable for masquerade, I settled for this combo. The scuba skirt is from Boohoo, £12. I think it's a bargain and I love the slit thigh! Sadly I'd ordered a masquerade mask that didn't arrive in time- either way I had a cracking night and it was really sad again saying bye to everyone and coming back home.

Off the Shoulder Black Top- Boohoo last season
Black Heels- New Look Limited Edition (Customized)

I had a lot of people ask where my heels were from. Annoyingly- I don't have a picture of them on to hand but will probably wear them to my work Christmas party at the weekend so will get some then! They are inspired by the fluffy heels seen on the likes of Missguided and Topshop at the moment. Truth is- I despised paying that much for them considering how easy it is to create them yourself. I simply took my Faux Pony Skin Block Heels I haven't worn for a while, and stuck on some Black Marabou Fur trim that I bought of ebay. It feels lovely knowing mine are completely individual to everyone elses, and cost nothing!

You can't see my clutch bag in the picture- but it's amazing. These are a few snaps in the light! I am obsessed with Irridescent and metallic accessories- you might be able to tell.

Me and my friend Ellen beeming at Oceana!

This is a quick few piccies of my outfit the next day. We went on an accidental shopping splurge (We had definitely missed Southampton!)

Necklaces- My own *Wanderdusk* Depop: @beckywecky22
Studded Fedora H&M- £15
Mac Primark- £20
Dress H&M £15
Zip Front Boots New Look £29.99
Metallic Tote Bag New Look £14.99

I'm really loving my new job and the new responsibilities but the travelling is really starting to take its toll. I think I've settled in to the life of London, but not so much the aching back and lack of personal space. I bought myself a tablet a few weeks ago to keep me occupied on the train as I keep falling asleep and feeling awful! I'm working six night shifts in a row next week, wish me luck! At least I'll be in a hotel. 

I love a bit of Instagram, I have some beautiful snaps from the train when the sun is rising (and setting on the way back! Haha) And it feels lovely and festive with the Oxford Street Crimbo lights on and Christmas tunes now playing at work.

Before my graduation my mum bought me this beautiful White Gold, Opal and Diamond Ring as a graduation present. It arrived just in time from America. I love it but am so scared to wear it to work as I always find my rings fling off when I'm working!

And lastly- I have started doing some Christmas wrapping for my handmade Jewellery! Take a look at my Depop if you would like to send any as gifts for christmas. It takes two seconds to download the app! I am going to set up a store on bigcartel soon which I believe will be more like my own website, rather than Etsy!

Here's some new additions to the site, I have lots of new Druzy drop Necklaces for sale, and still lots of chokers with choice of charms ! Some of my jewellery was shown in a Fashion show last week, and a few were auctioned off for charity afterward.