Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Papermag And Emily Shur Collaboration

Get Busy Get Dizzy

This is an amazing collaboration between Papermag and photographer Emily Shur. I came across these fun images of the stylesight blog earlier and also got looking at Papermag magazine and just subscribed to the free newsletter by email, as I have not really read the content before!
 The models wear a huge mixture of designer pieces including Kenzo, Yves Saint Laurent and Dries Van Noten, but the whole idea is a mash up of clashing cultural prints. I could look at them for hours! I think the model choices contribute so well to the images aswell- they are not overpowering against the prints. I cannot imagine the work the stylists would have had to make these images work and pop out so well! Incorporate some printed scarves into your wardrobes and don't be scared to clash prints- I am definately investing in a Tartan Scarf soon!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Autumn Wardrobe Shopping

Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Update

So.. in the last 2 days I have managed to spend a whopping £200... after spending £400 last week on my SLR...
If you aren't a student you have no idea how worrying this is!!
(I am convinving myself it's better as £80 was on underwear..)
But it has been a while since anything has really caught my eye on the highstreet... So as it happens I went on a bit of a Primark spree, along with H&M for some basics.. and have ordered from ASOS.. (Excited for it to arrive!)
I got an absolute bargain on these shoes in NewLook! They are offering £5 off on many shoes at the moment- and I live in these ballet pumps that I already own- I love the way they give a cute look to every outfit. So anyway, they cost me £2.99!

 A few of my favies at the moment..

Believe it or not, I got this scarf about 2 years ago.. In Tesco.. It wasn't actually a scarf. But a sarrong. And I came across it a few weeks ago and thought HEY I love studs ! It's funny how you forget some things! I am also a bit nutty for tassles at the mo..
This is another favie of my tassled collection.
I got it at the beginning of summer in Republic and still get so many comments on it - it's great as I wear it in the day and love the vintage appeal, but it's also a great cover up at night! It would probably be so easy to find some fabric though and customise one yourself (Something a bit curtain inspired haha)
As the wind biting air gets to my ears- I have invested in these cute head bands.
This one is from Accesorize, I LOVE MY DISCOUNT...
This one however was from Primark (A bargain £2) - I have customised it as I didn't like the diamante bow- so I ripped that on, and sewed on a cute anchor button and much prefer it! I really would encourage anyone to shop for bargains and alter them- I love knowing I own things that are different to everyone elses!
My new riding boots! (A bargain £25 from Primark- when I've seen some very similar for £100 in River Island!) They also do them in a camel colour.
One of my favourite bags... I love the bucket style. I found it in somewhere like MkOne for £8 (always on a bargain hunt) about 6 months ago but have since customised it with studs and wear it so often! The studs cost me about £2 on ebay! Do it!!
Time to move over LBD!
This is a gorgeous LRD (Little Red Dress) I got from Zara about two months ago.. I have been so busy with Uni work i have hardly been out but can't wait to wear it! I NEVER wear Red but thought I'd be a bit brave, I love the peplum styles everywhere at the moment.
Check out this Little Red Dress feature!
 Baroque is huge at the moment- and although I'm not brave enough to wear some of the jewellery I've seen I found this gorgeous Embellished belt in Accesorize for £25 and bag which is £40.. I wore the belt with a little black dress the other day and it completely transforms the look. It will be perfect around Christmas as well! (Not long!)
 I am always getting complements on the bag! And it is so practical for Uni with all my sketchbooks and notes.

Just a few things before I go- I am loving nail art at the moment and just came across this on the Vogue Facebook page! This is a brilliant nail idea for Halloween too.. And so easy! I'm thinking when i do mine later I will just coat them in black varnish, cover the tips in a bit of tape once dry, and put matte varnish on.
I love matt nail varnish, and have been buying this one for the last 2 years! I always stick to the Rimmel matte varnish I know it lasts for longer!


Thanks for reading!! Becky xxx


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Photoshop Is Scary

Me.. Transformed!

So.. In the past year we have been learning all the tricks of Photoshop.. It is scary how images are altered in the media and there is constant controversy about the alterations and the unrealistic body images seen. I don't agree with it, at all. The other day at work I heard, what looked like a fourteen year old, bragging to a friend about how all she had eaten for the last 2 days was soup. HOW is this right?!

I decided for the last 10 minutes to alter a photograph of myself for fun, but then thought hey why not post it on here and shock everyone! Of course i went a bit OTT but how can it take this long to do this!? Is it all too easy?

So this is me.. before a night out !
 And again.. This is scary!



So woodland creatures are crawling through our wardrobes.. And I have come across these adorable tops! (Online shopping is too easy!)
I am especially mad about foxes and owls at the moment- Accesorize should be hooting! Wearing these pieces are sure to brighten up any dreery winters day- they are really different to other animal Tees i've seen on the highstreet.
So why not swap the fur collar for a draped swan or a fluffy fox!
Image 1 of ASOS T-Shirt with Fox Wrap
Both £18 ASOS
And why not get in the mood for Halloween with these cute Tees on the ASOS website!



£22 River Island at ASOS

£25 ASOS


£16 ASOS


ASOS is currently offering 10% Student discount and Free Standard Delivery! Who wants to go out shopping in this weather at the moment!?! Don't step a foot outside!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Re:So Photo Frames And Mirrors!


Photoframes- Re:So

My recent project outside of Uni has been to customise some photoframes and mirrors for a university run shop!


I have been making them for a year or so in my spare time- as gifts for friends and family. This oppurtunity appeared for students to sell their own work and I thought this was perfect!

The shop is a great idea for any students looking to get their work and creativity seen, and make a bit of extra money!


The frames were originally inspired by some that I saw in Urban Outfitters...

I would love to keep creating them, and am currently brainstorming more designs. Photo frames will never be unpopular with the rising popularity of photography!

This is a link to the Re:So (Retail Solent) Blog site, take a look at how they have merchandised the shop!


The shop is upstairs next to Costa in the Marlands centre- Central Southampton!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012



My name's Becky- I am new to blogging but am excited for my first try!

I will mostly blog fashion related- including inspirational images and articles I come across, upcoming trends, and work relating to my course! But I would also like to feature life style and travel from time to time. I have recently invested in an SLR- which I hope will improve my photography skills outside of University and will contribute to my blog relatively.



A little bit about me..
I am a 20 year old Fashion Promotion Student in my second year at Solent University..
I am arty, a daddys girl at heart, but love nothing more than a good shop with my mum or friends! I love travelling and worked in Australia for 3 months in my gap year before University... I have always loved art, a career in fashion just makes sense to me!
 I have a part time job which I really enjoy, in Accesorize. I live away from home with my two friends, Ellen and Robyn, in a student house/flat that seems to always be falling apart (DO NOT RENT FROM TENANTS DIRECT)..
- nothing is better than visiting home and my two cats- Barnie and Daisy! (Or Barns and Daise which they often get referred to....)
I am a bit of a tattoo and piercing fan, luckily that 'tattoo' addiction hasn't got to me yet after my first a few years ago!
I started a blog in the main aim to capture peoples imaginations- and to see all those other bloggers out there and be inspired myself!

Just a minute ago I was researching into Aquascutum for a unit we have started, and came across this link which I find really interesting! I love seeing how old trends have jumped through decades and how little overall they have changed! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!!!!

Becky XxX