Friday, April 12, 2013

Press Day Events With StyleRevo

So yesterday I travelled to London to have a group
meeting with StyleRevo, and got to meet my 'partner' intern Yasmin!

We had a productive three hour meeting and came up with some great ideas by pulling eachothers ideas apart, but have figured some exciting plans for Summer and some great competitions involving universities..

After the meeting, me Tiwa and Yasmin attended
two press days, the first with Surgery PR 
and the second with Trace PR.

 Surgery PR have represented brands such as Urban Outfitters and Superdry...

On the day, they were representing brands including Givenchy, Pauls Boutique, (Which has had a radical and amazing upgrade...) Wranglers, Kipling, Lacoste, Replay, Police, Crew Clothing and Superga (Of which Rita Ora is now 'the face' for). We got a free cocktail and had a wander round with the staff explaining to us about the new ranges...

Press Event 1 Surgery PR

Givenchy sunglasses- LOVE

These bags by Pauric Sweeney are made from skins such as Pythons, and furs from ponies.. Although I never agree to real fur, animal skins, and even refuse to wear leather due to my on/off veggie-ism, they are made from the skins of the snakes that have been eaten by tribes- so it is a more sustainable source.

Innovative new denim from Wranglers, waterproof below, and 'beauty' jeans- incorporating certian therapies into the top jeans layer to reduce cellulite, and make skin soft etc. Amazing!

 Pauls Boutique have had a huge make over- revealing much classier and structured bags targeting a new market to previous years...

Tiwa trying on sunglasses... we returned to this section a few times! 

Press event 2 Trace PR

These sunglasses are from an upcoming Japanese company- cheeky!

This designer uses really odd fabrics - I can't imagine these jeans would be very practical or comfy- being literally stiff as cardboard!

LOVE the watches below!

Kaleidoscope prints are predicted to be a big trend leading into S/S14... 

This brand is soon opening there new store in London. They had some amazing stand out rings!

Below is some amazing body jewellery- the studded over lay bodice on the left was incredible!

Below are some photos of garments that really caught my eye due to design/unusual fabrics.

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