Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What I Wore

So now I'm back at uni...

It's time to go out again- before all the hard work begins, anyway! I have been really excited for my last freshers weeks, and haven't caught the flu yet luckily!!! We went to the UV rave at Oceana on Tuesday night with Zane Low. We atleast had neon nails :)

Dress 'Pins & Needles' - Urban Outfitters Sale £10
Frilly Black Ankle Socks - Primark £1.50

A Good Catch Up

Time we caught up!

I've been away for a while, sorry! As soon as I got back from holiday, which I was also delayed back from, I was thrown into London life and 7am commutes for two weeks for my internship at EDITD! I thoroughly enjoyed it and met some lovely people working there, and will be returning part time when I know more about my university hours.

Here's a few pics of my 'Oil Slick' nails from the first week, actual name 'Wintersky' - I adore this colour from H&M and the way it catches the light - £2.99!

Inside the office

'Desk Selfie'

I'm actually extremely relieved to be back at uni! I've had the best lay in today.. I forgot how lucky I was before to be at university and not working full time, and am going to make the most of it for third year.

Here's a few holiday snaps! We had a brilliant time and really didn't want to come back. The beaches were stunning, and we did the Mallorca Rocks boat party and went to see 'Pirates reloaded' which was such an amazing night! If anyone goes to Mallorca, that is a must do- we highly rate it!

Pulling a funny face after a strong Southern Comfort..
Floral Swing Cami Dress - New Look £14.99

Tie Dye Cami - Primark £5
Black Midi Skirt - New Look £7.99

Thanks for reading! xxx