Thursday, January 24, 2013

Internship Interview Prep!

Go Me- Interview in the Big Citttyy!


Hope you have all been having fun in the snow! I love how beautiful it looks but I think my toes are getting a bit fed up now and wish they were toasty again :)

It seems it was fate that I gave up my job when I did- as I have been offered an interview for an internship in London! (That I may actually be able to do!) Most students are looking over summer, but this one is 1-2 days a week so would be perfect along side my uni timetable, and may mean that I get in before the rush of other students applying before summer! They also pay travel and food.. So fingers crossed..

It's been a good week in general! I've had a great night out, a great few days with my boyfriend, I went for a good run today now the snow has cleared, and I got a free graze box (Cheeky student ways)! I'm getting an early night as I have to get a 7 am coach to London for my interview tomorrow!

Anyway- it has been the perfect excuse for me to buy some new interview clothes!

I went shopping to help my dad (woops) and ended up coming away with more than him ..

Five minutes in H&M and £65 later..
 I found these beauts!!!

Pinstripe blouse- £12.99
Leather Pencil skirt- £19.99

I thought it's the perfect look for my interview (with tights and a blazer to keep warm of course!) 

I also popped into Urban Outfitters today.. And OH DEAR. They still have an amazing sale on.. I could have spent so much but I limited myself to this gorgeous dress.. Originally £40, reduced to £10. And when I got the the till it came through as £5 and with student discount, it was the bargain of the YEAR!!!

I also got this cute little going out purse/bag for £5 in the sale in U/O!

 I love these little clutches- they fit my phone in snugly, and my cards and money- essentials for a night out! I can't wait to go out tomorrow to use it. I used it the night before last when me and a few friends went out- this is me and one of my besties Ellen out!

Can't believe it's nearly February- where does the time go! Seems like yesterday was Christmas- but hope you are all back into the swing of things!

Becky xxx

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mememe- Beauty regime and recent looks!

A little update, and products I swear by!

So! It's been a busy month- but I am (sort of) pleased to say that I am now an unemployed student! Work has been taking over my life- and finding time for my uni work (and to blog) has been a tad difficult! So I thought it was a good time to give my notice- so I am now also free to take up placement opportunities which I am looking for over summer :)

So now I have free time I can actually blog to you lovelies more than I have been previously able to!

I thought I would do a basic blog post on the beauty products I swear by and my recommendations.
I always prefer buying products that I know friends have used time and time again!

Here's just a recent piccy of me before I popped out for the day- I'm wearing my new-ish ASOS baggy white Tee, with my new Urban Outfitters necklace (Which was a bargain £5 in the sale!) I'm also wearing my 'wet look' Primark leggings. I always get asked where they are from as they don't look cheap and tacky like some other wet looks do- and for £6 you can't go wrong!

I also have on some nail transfers from the Gold by Giles range for New Look. I got them free in a goody bag at a fashion show, but they have now sold out in the website in the sale! I would definitely have recommended them! They were so easy to apply, and as there were many size choices I didn't spend too long trimming them down around my nails! I would advise putting a few clear coats on too over any nail transfers like this- after  a while a few of the edges started to lift as I hadn't done a top coat!
I will be keeping my eye out for similar transfers in future.

Hair time

My hair is important to me- I am actually in a bit of a debate about what to get done to it next week as I have a salon voucher to use. My hair is blonder at the ends- and I love the look as it looks dip dyed naturally where the colour has grown out! But I am starting to want an even colour all over so may brave it and go slightly blonder.. It is strawberry blond at the moment but I love that it is an unusual colour!

My hair products vary- I tend to switch between shampoo and conditioner a lot, depressingly depending on what is on offer( OH the life of a student! ) But I am currently using Elvive Nourish and Shimmer Highlights Shampoo and Conditioner. I have noticed a lift in my colour, and it is always so silky after a long condition- so I think I may stick to this for a while longer!

I use an Aussie heat protection spray 'Dual personality' - I always purchase this. I curl or straighten my hair daily and heat protection is so important. I especially love the smell!

To style my hair I have stuck to the same products for atleast the last year. I used to swear by backcombing but my hair became so damaged! But then I discovered the Umberto Giannini range. The backcomb in a bottle spray is amazing- especially for nights out. It gives that extra oomph without having to backcomb. It makes it look a bit wispy too, I stick to the 'just got out of bed' hair! You spray on dry hair and just 'shoosh' your hair into place with your fingers! Eassssy..

Another product from the same range I often use is the tousled spray, I tend to spray it on my hair towel dried, and then dry with a diffuser to create effortless looking tousled waves. My hair is quite naturally straight but using the spray keeps my hair set all day.

All of the Glamour range from the collection are sold in Boots- and are often on offer for 3 for £10, or 2 for £7.50.

This is a MAGICAL product I received for christmas.. My ends are often frizzy and get a bit out of control. This oil is great to put on once styled, or even when wet as a 'leave in' conditioner. It instantly removes frizz off my ends, and leaves my hair gleaming and healthy looking. It makes it so much easier to comb through when I get out the shower too! A little goes a long way- a few drops is more than enough to avoid greasiness!

This is another new product I've recently tried- I have been quite impressed with it. Although I love my backcomb in a bottle, I sometimes like my hair straight and sleek (not scruffy) but with a bit of volume at the roots! It is a white powder- you shake it on, ruffle it in to your hair, and then pump your hair up a bit. I can't fault that the product does that is says on the tin- it does boost my roots and the volume does last after a bit of hairspray too. But it has a strange feel- slightly greasy, and it feels like it is clogging up your hair a bit! So from now on I am going to try to not use too much at once!

Face time

Having worked at boots for quite some time, I have tried so many products. But I have worked my way up to MAC foundation as my base- I used to wonder whether it would be worth the money investing in a slightly more expensive foundation, but I have never regretted it. A bottle costs around £20 and lasts me atleast 5 months! I researched well into foundations, and for my skin type I have found that 'Studio Fix 'is the best one. It gives great coverage, and never leaves my skin greasy, even though I do have some problem areas! I never have to use a concealer either. Studio Fix is the best product for a thicker coverage and combination skin, you can build it up for evening wear. A little goes a long way!

From working at boots I used to get a lot of NO7 products cheaper. They are great quality, and I still swear by the blushers, eyeshadows and eyebrow pencils. My favourite product has to be the 'shine free' primer, it is great base before foundation to give more mattified skin. It has lasted me almost a year so definately worth the extra pennies!

I love Topshop nail varnishes, and Lipsticks (I have a little collection in the making..) A staff member revealed that the supplier is actually shared with MAC too, at a much higher price for their products. The colour lasts for hours, and gives a really thick even coverage.

I also love the Accessorize lipsticks, they have some really great bold colours- my favourite is this Coral peach colour you can see in the centre above. They are really good value for money at £5, and again give a great matte appearance like the Topshop lipsticks.

The Loreal Paris Rouge Caresse Lipsticks have to be my favourite lip products- especially for a night out. I could buy every single colour! But my favourite colours are the bold reds, and this unusual purple/violet. They give a lovely glossy finish, but still a very strong colour. They taste lovely too! And they feel nourishing!

I hope you have enjoyed my post, I would love to hear your feedback on your favorite products or if you use any of the same!

Becky xxx