Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WIW & Hand Made Jewellery

This is now my most loved blazer/jacket..

And guess what it cost me. Just over £10! One of the things I'm most happy about staying on at New Look, is getting to hang on to my discount. I'm loving being a bigger part of the company as Label Lounge specialist, and today merchandised my first mannequin! Here is the link for this gorgeous £24.99 Blazer, from the Cameo Rose range. It also comes in White, Pink, and neon Yellow.

Here I am wearing it with my Grey long sleeved crop top (Primark) and Daisy print button front skirt (New Look). This was for an evening out with some work friends for their birthdays!

And this was how I styled it for a night at the Mayflower Theater to watch Dirty Dancing- which was AMAZING. My legs are a bit battered from falling down the stairs a few times recently.. woops. I love this Blue dress. It was £7.99 from H&M. The colour is so bold for me but I thought it will look lovely with a tan on holiday. The Gold Necklace really sets the colour off well and I adore the way it jangles!

I'm wearing my cleated sole boots from New Look to complete the look and add a bit more of an edge, and my over-sized double pocket Clutch bag from Primark.

This this is what I wore out on a night out with my lovely girls!

There is also a matching crop top for this skirt, that makes a gorgeous co-ord set.

Choker Hand Made by moiii.


 I am selling these chokers on Depop, as well as other jewellery (chokers, necklaces, anklets and bracelets) with Anchors and Shells and vintage pendants. My username is beckywecky22 if you are interested. I am charging £3 each with postage or will offer discount for multi buys! Or you can contact me by email at becky-.-@hotmail.com! 

Here I am with my two best girlies Ellen and Caroline!
I used my Lilac Hair Chalks to bring out the pastels in my skirt!

And yep..

I finally bought into the Jellies.. I have never been sure about this footwear trend. But once I saw these I was converted. They are so girlie. Literally, exactly, the, same, as the ones I had as a little girl! I found them in a size 7 in the 915 section in New Look, for £9.99. No one told me how comfy they are too..

I have no excuse to not walk to work now!

Sunday, June 8, 2014


I have fallen in love.
I am obsessed with anything boho- layered midi rings and long pendant necklaces are some of my faves. Using Depop has opened my eyes up to lots of wonderful new unique boutiques and brands I never knew about before!

The pieces Dixi create are beaaaaaaaautiful, I have never seen a brand quite like them. If you love anything one of a kind, then like me- you'll bloody lov'em.

Use code 10INSTANT for 10% off

Here's a few things on my wish list...

Harmony Lapiz Lazuli Point Necklace

Kingdom Triple Stone Amulet Bracelet

Sea Dreamer Bracelet 

Harlow Arrow Wrap Bracelet

Luna Poison Box Ring 

The Mystic One Moonstone Ring
[Currently sold out ;( ]

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Perspex Transparent Clutch Bag

This is my beautiful new bag..

I got it from Ebay- here's the link, for just under £14. It was super quick delivery too and came within a week! I wore it out last night.

I chose not to attach the chain that came with the bag, as I prefer to hold it as a clutch bag. I'm obsessed with Green at the moment, but they also come in other colours. I would love the light Violet or clear one! If they did it in a Turquoise that would be stunning.

I haven't seen anything like this on the High Street and love finding unique accessories like this on Ebay.

I am wearing my Dalmatian Slit Midi skirt that I got from Primark around Christmas time, and my new Black roll neck top from New Look- £5.99. I am also wearing this gorgeous Silver arm cuff, also from New Look- £3.99 with my Primark midi rings and Topshop rings. I opted for my Black Chelsea boots, also New look!

As you can see I used my hair chalks properly for the first time. I love the Red one it works really well, and looks amazing blended in with the purple and pink chalk on certain strands of hair. It took me five minutes to use them on damp hair and blow dry and then curl my hair into waves!

What's been going on this week..

Today I signed my new contract! I will be staying in Southampton and hopefully living with my friend Billy, who I lived with during my first year of university.

As part of my new contract I'll be taking charge of the VM for the Label Lounge part of the New Look West Quay store, and hopefully will then work my way in to the Visual Merchandising team for the store. I am really excited and so grateful to have found full time work immediately after completing my degree!

Sadly me and my friends couldn't attend Graduate Fashion Week on Tuesday, as our tutors had stated we would be paid for the travel but then went back on their word. Instead I have gotten an almighty illness. I can't breath or taste anything and am on antibiotics for a chest infection, which is just fab when I'm working so much from now!

Hey Ho! I'm off to view the house I may be staying in tomorrow again before work so fingers crossed!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Tangle Teaser Review&LondonTrip&HairChalks

Hey beauts!

I've just been home for a lovely few days- I saw my gorgeous cousin Bethany in her dance show which she won an award for, and treated my mum for a meal out for her birthday!

I'm excited for the next week- I am hoping to hear about a job... fingers crossed.. Other wise I will be continuing the search and networking!

Me and my friend Ellen got a coach up last Tuesday to London and went to the Tate. After we went shopping on Oxford street and Shepherds Bush Westfields.

I love visiting London to shop it's such a different experience and the VM is amazing. Has anyone seen the horizontal mannequins in Topshop at the mo?!

Here's a few pictures from River Island, Topshop and H&M. I thought the H&M Visual Merchandising was spot on for my trend for my Final Major Project, I love all the Jungle themes at the moment.

Anyway- just a little reminder to check me out on Depop- beckywecky22. I'm selling a lot over the next few weeks, having a clear out before I move out of our shared house :( SO sad about leaving it's gone way too fast!

SO, here's a few of my beauty purchases from the last week! After trying and failing miserably to dye my hair pastel Pink (as my hair is still too darker blonde) I decided to buy some chalks, I got this packet of 6 off ebay for £3.50. I would defo recommend getting them off their rather than on the High Street. I did some faint strips today as you can see!

I will post more pics when I do it properly as I only tried the Pink chalk weakly the first time around! They're so easy to use and less damaging for your hair, I just coloured streaks and ends in whilst my hair was still damp before blow drying.

Since my hair has grown at a ridiculous rate lately, it also tangles like crazy. The hair dressers have been on at me for a while to invest in a tangle teaser. So I finally did. I got one in Urban Outfitters for £9 after student discount. SO worth it. My hair normally takes twenty minutes to get knot free after a shower, with this it takes a matter of minutes!

I went out with my friend Caroline in Southampton last night, she is leaving basically this week and I'm genna miss her like crayyy :( I have a separate post on what I wore!

And this is an outfit I wore out the other night with a friend from work. Sorry about the not so great rushed mirror selfies...

I used my new Kelly Brook Smokey Eye palette, a bargain with my discount but only £2.99 for non New Lookers! I love the brush it comes with!

Skirt £14.99 New Look
Top £6 Boohoo

I love this off the shoulder Bardot top. This one fits perfect, and I didn't want a long sleeved one as they always come up short on me so this was P E R F E C T!

Here is another outfit from the other day. I am wearing my new Topshop Gingham dress, £30. Along with my new New Look Feather necklace, £3.99. I also have on my Kors, and my 'stick on' Elegant Touch nails from New Look, £5.99. So many people have commented on them I adore them and will definitely be buying them again! I would suggest if you do get them though, not to even bother with the stick on tabs included but to buy Kiss glue to use.

OH- and I probably should have posted this first but hey ho.. . here's my new tattoo!!