Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Benefit Mascara and Triple Performing Facial Emulsion Reviews

They're Real! Benefit Mascara



Consumer Panel Survey
94% saw dramatic length and volume
90% saw base to tip curl
100% saw long wearing results
I agree with each statement strongly, but not so strongly the long wearing results. The mascara is the best I've ever used, and with only one or two strokes there is a huge difference in the appearance of my eyelashes which makes it a lot more cost effective. I used to always apply one coat, let it dry and reapply another coat with old mascaras. But one quick coat is all you need with this. However- having used this for a month or two now I have noticed the wearability factor. By evening when I am getting ready to go out - I do have to reapply the mascara, which I have never had a problem with previously using cheaper High-street mascaras, but paying slightly more you expect the best! Getting the mascara off is also quite hard work- I use a Garnier eye make-up remover but even this isn't tough enough.. (It could be wear I do sometimes use thicker layers and do a few more coats). I suppose I shouldn't complain though- as although it doesn't state it is waterproof it is quite resistant! I have found the quickest and most effective way to remove it is using vaseline on a cotton wool bud at the end of the day. But I will never go back to any other mascara having said this- it very quickly lifts eyelashes and extends the appearance of them- and saves a lot of time not having to reapply a few coats like conventional mascaras.
Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulshion
Beneficial Factors
SPF 15
Oil Free
Tri-Radiance complex (Radiates and captures water on skin surface)

As this is oil free I thought it'd be great on my T-zone. I have been using this day and night for two days now, and have noticed a huge improvement in the softness of my skin. I am always very wary trying new creams on my skin as I suffer from very sensitive skin, and often suffer from eczema. But this has been very kind indeed! It is very sillky applying it, and being clear it sinks into the skin and dries extremely quickly. It also smells beautiful. I love the little bottle this came in too! After being so impressed with this mascara and facial emulsion, I am very keen to try more Benefit products. It's just a shame they're so out of the student price range!
Let me know if you've tried these and what you think, or if you use any Benefit products you'd say are worth a try!
Becky xxx

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