Saturday, November 24, 2012

4D Nail Art Review

Hundreds and Thousands!

So I bought this in Accesorize a few days ago and have been dying to try it for a while! They are retailing for £6.
I have seen kits similar in Topshop, and Superdrug sell the same one- as they stock Accessorize make-up.
It was so easy to use! Don't get caught out trying to do it with actual hundreds and thousands... I spoke to a friend who said they just dissolved the first time she washed her hands..
I went for 'Lilac Sorbet' but they also have a black one with blue beads, a blue kit, and another pinky set.
To start with I cut my nails and added some nail extensions (like fake nails but just tips).. I prefer having longer squared off nails.
They cost about £2 in savers for a box of lots of sizes of tips- and don't last as long as I'd like, but i prefer spending less than getting my nails done in a salon like I used to!
I then filed them so there was less of a ridge in the tip, and painted my nails with the nail varnish in the box. It suggests doing one layer, and then on the second layer whilst it's wet applying the beads.
I poured the beads out over the small plastic case that was in the box (whether you're supposed to or not!) In order to catch the beads that didn't stick, and poured them back into the bottle at the end.
This is when I had done the first few nails..
And this is how many beads I still had left at the end! So it looks like I will get a few uses out of this!
And here is the finished result! I absolutely love them! Hopefully they last a while :) I may do a top coat to help that!!!


Thanks for reading! x

Friday, November 23, 2012

Recent wintery buys!

Recent Purchases!

So I have been a bit of a bad blogger, not a very good start really!
To be honest I have been crazy busy with uni work... We have a hand in monday for a marketing report we have done for Topshop, and it has literally TAKEN over my life!
But I feel a bit more human now that is out of the way!
So I thought I'd do a quick post on a few of my most recent purchases!

I have been on the hunt for a winter jacket, my light parka and leather jacket just won't cut the cold or the blusters anymore! I have a bit of an issue with arm lengths as I'm tall, and am on a bit of a tight budget again at the moment- but I came across this parka in Primark for £26! It is long enough on the arms- really warm, and has a really cute fur lined hood and inside. And a drawstring waist so it's a bit more shapely! Me and my flatmate Ellen (who also studies the same course) do love a good hunt in Primark- you have to dig but it's worth it sometimes! I have recently transformed a sale dress into a plunge necklined one similar in Topshop- I will put pictures up soon!
This oversized clutch is also from Topshop- a bargain 4 pound. I love the look of matt sequins- it's not too over the top but will go with so many going out outfits I have!
This is a scarf I bought in Urban Outfitters. It was from the Urban renewal section, which holds the vintage items. I thought it was a great buy for £8! I've been looking for ages for a checkered Emerald Green and Black scarf- and annoyingly my friend Ellen got one of her mums old vintage ones... I can't find one anywhere! But I was rather happy with this Harry Potter find haaa.


This is a dress I bought from Topshop about, 2 days ago. I love it because it's really easy to wear in the day- but I wore it out last night and absolutely love it. It has a cut out back too. £26!
This is a little something I got from work! I have seen some kits in Topshop, and luckily we have just started stocking these in Accesorize so I got a few! I have been eyeing these kits up for a while, they include a pot of tiny tiny beads, so that it is more like 3D nail art! They are like mini mini hundreds and thousands. I cannot wait to try them! I will post pictures and a review when I get around to doing them!

Hopefully it won't be so long till my next post this time!
I am doing a practice shoot, and my actual photoshoot next week so will pop a couple of piccies up!!

Thanks for reading in the meantime :)xx

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2013/2014 Trend Research Photoshoot

Mood Board

This is a compilation of images for my 2013/2014 trend influence for a photoshoot I am planning within the next month. I want to create neon lighting similar to that in the images, so I have bought some coloured acetate sheets to attach to the lighting! We are doing an 8 page feature supposedly for i-D magazine.
 The magazine has worked alongside 'All Walks', an organisation that focuses on models that are different to those on the catwalk, and look strongly at diversity. I want the styling to be very simply- any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I would like to stick to a simple Black and White colour palette with the clothing, so as not to distract away from the models and neon powders. I also feel this would be fitting for the magazine as designer clothes are usually used!
My friend Ellen came up with the genius idea for us to buy an 'at home' photography studio kit which is going to cost us a bargain £40. We think it will be much easier for the models to find time to be shot- and alot less pressure than working in the studios at university! And we hope that after altering the images in photoshop they will be to the same standard anyway. Worth a try!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Type Writer Artist Kiera Rathbone

Type Writing Art

Kiera Rathbone is a Type Writer artist living and working in London. She appeared on the one show the other day and since then I have been looking more into her work online- seeing her work has completely fascinated me. The time it must take to complete them and the level of detail is incredible.
What an amazing talent, and what an extraordinary way of celebrating the Type Writer and using it in the modern day to create such beautiful pieces of art! Just goes to show that reusing is the way forward... It seems Kiera doesn't even stencil her subject before typing- creating them 'Free hand'.
I think her page is definately worth a look for some inspiration.

This is Kiera at work. She has created magazine covers and appeared at events and festivals. Some of her portraits can take up to three weeks to do!!!