Friday, November 28, 2014

Graduation week

Last Wednesday I travelled down, (in my brothers gorgeous Mini he's been letting me drive while he's been in Scotland) to Southampton for my graduation!
I had my mum and dad in towe. It was an amazing, memorable, emotional day!

My next few days off work consisted of shopping, celebrating and being reunited with friends I've missed so much! I must have spent nearly 300 pound on dresses, trying to find two I loved for the ceremony and the Masquerade ball. All but the one I now have to return which might take me a while..

I decided on this Red eyelash lace dress from H&M which cost £34.99 for the day. It could have done with being a bit longer though! My long legs do annoy me. I didn't want to wear Black and seem boring. I had had my eyes on these court heels for atleast 2 months, I love the Patent colour. They had sold out in every Primark I had come across- and I refused to pay £50 for the ones in Topshop that looked EXACTLY the same. It pays to look around sometimes. Anyway, in a last minute trip to Basingstoke with my mum a week before graduation, I came across two pairs in their Primark. And with incredible luck, there was a size 6, and they had gone to sale for £6. That's not even the best bit- I got to the checkout and they came through at £3... Course they killed my feet for the day. But they were worth it!

We went for a family meal after the ceremony to celebrate, and then my parents left me in Southampton like old times- which was reaaally strange.

The next evening was our graduation ball. After failing miserably at finding a dress I loved suitable for masquerade, I settled for this combo. The scuba skirt is from Boohoo, £12. I think it's a bargain and I love the slit thigh! Sadly I'd ordered a masquerade mask that didn't arrive in time- either way I had a cracking night and it was really sad again saying bye to everyone and coming back home.

Off the Shoulder Black Top- Boohoo last season
Black Heels- New Look Limited Edition (Customized)

I had a lot of people ask where my heels were from. Annoyingly- I don't have a picture of them on to hand but will probably wear them to my work Christmas party at the weekend so will get some then! They are inspired by the fluffy heels seen on the likes of Missguided and Topshop at the moment. Truth is- I despised paying that much for them considering how easy it is to create them yourself. I simply took my Faux Pony Skin Block Heels I haven't worn for a while, and stuck on some Black Marabou Fur trim that I bought of ebay. It feels lovely knowing mine are completely individual to everyone elses, and cost nothing!

You can't see my clutch bag in the picture- but it's amazing. These are a few snaps in the light! I am obsessed with Irridescent and metallic accessories- you might be able to tell.

Me and my friend Ellen beeming at Oceana!

This is a quick few piccies of my outfit the next day. We went on an accidental shopping splurge (We had definitely missed Southampton!)

Necklaces- My own *Wanderdusk* Depop: @beckywecky22
Studded Fedora H&M- £15
Mac Primark- £20
Dress H&M £15
Zip Front Boots New Look £29.99
Metallic Tote Bag New Look £14.99

I'm really loving my new job and the new responsibilities but the travelling is really starting to take its toll. I think I've settled in to the life of London, but not so much the aching back and lack of personal space. I bought myself a tablet a few weeks ago to keep me occupied on the train as I keep falling asleep and feeling awful! I'm working six night shifts in a row next week, wish me luck! At least I'll be in a hotel. 

I love a bit of Instagram, I have some beautiful snaps from the train when the sun is rising (and setting on the way back! Haha) And it feels lovely and festive with the Oxford Street Crimbo lights on and Christmas tunes now playing at work.

Before my graduation my mum bought me this beautiful White Gold, Opal and Diamond Ring as a graduation present. It arrived just in time from America. I love it but am so scared to wear it to work as I always find my rings fling off when I'm working!

And lastly- I have started doing some Christmas wrapping for my handmade Jewellery! Take a look at my Depop if you would like to send any as gifts for christmas. It takes two seconds to download the app! I am going to set up a store on bigcartel soon which I believe will be more like my own website, rather than Etsy!

Here's some new additions to the site, I have lots of new Druzy drop Necklaces for sale, and still lots of chokers with choice of charms ! Some of my jewellery was shown in a Fashion show last week, and a few were auctioned off for charity afterward.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Haul A/W Fluff & Metallic

If you've read my post from the other day- you'll know I've been shopping this week!

I got some amazing bits- and have some more bits on the way as I've done a bit of online shopping too.

This is my gorgeous new necklace-New Look £7.99. It has a Crackly iridescent appearance, changing colour in different lights! It literally caught my eye at the check out from half way across the shop.

These boots were in the H&M sale in Camberly- from £29.99 to £10. I have no idea why, I absolutely love them. The zips on the sides just did it for me. They're so comfy and perfect to add an edge to daily outfits, as I tend to wear a lot of florals and often wear dresses even in day. I love heeled Winter boots, and have invested in 3 pairs over the last month. Shame they aren't so practical. I wish I could hack heels in the daytime, I honestly don't know how some women do it. With the early mornings I am working, along with running for tubes and walking up and down 4 floors all day at work I just can't! So flats for work it is. 

This is my go-to bag- Metallic & glorrrrious.
I shove so much stuff in my bags, so this is the perfect bag/ (suitcase). I think it'll be perfect with most outfits too as it's Silver.
The same style is available in Orange (also gorgeous), Lemon Yellow and Cobalt Blue.
£17.99 from New Look.

With having started my new job in the last week- I have got slightly behind with making my jewellery etc. But yesterday I got a wee bit of time to sit down, so I sewed these cute Pastel Green Marabou socks for a customer. I plan on adding Black Marabou fluff around the sparkly irridescent socks I bought from work underneath, for myself! I noticed today we have Metallic Blue ones too, and Gold.. :o

This is a pic I found on Instagram that inspired me to make them- they're so cute and quirky with boots!

Talking of fluffy, thisss is my incredible new Faux fur Tee top from H&M. I love that it's Cream- it looks so elegant but will be so warm and cosy on the freezing days to come. £24.99 H&M.

Remember if you also have a million bags of old clothes-
take them in to get your £5 off voucher when you spend over £30! I took in loads of old pjs, good to know they will be recycled.

And more Metallic. I couldn't resist this Irridescent foil-like top from New Look - £17.99.

And this was the unknown bargain. I love it when you get to the check out and something is reduced! I've had my eye on this for a while, and it came through at £3 ! I love skorts but I don't have the figure/they're never long enough.. So this pleat front skirt is the perfect alternative.


I've styled it below with my new Snake skin boots from New Look- a bargain £24.99 (I've seen these on Missguided etc. for much more), as well as this Cameo Rose for New Look Black Lace Bralet (12.99 - a cheaper version of the Topshop one). I think this'll be a cute outfit for a night out hopefully some time soon.


I also think the bralet would go amazing with my Black lace H&M midi skirt - £29.99. It would make a perfect two-piece with my Silver Metallic Sandal heels from New Look.

I've only worn this midi skirt once as it's quite dressy- but I love the sheer bottom half.

These are my casual buys.

Candy sweet Pink is my happy Autumn colour. This jumper proved really difficult to merchandise, but is now sitting in my wardrobe waiting for a windy day. I bought it to wear oversized.

New Look £19.99.

I discovered this PJ-like Blue striped shirt in the New Look in Camberly too- having not seen it online yet or any other stores I've been in to. I've wanted one like this for so long to wear oversized as a dress, or with a waist belt- so I got it in a 16. £19.99.

I'm not much of a hat- fan, my friends find it really funny that I have a bit of a phobia of them.. I really don't see the point of the majority of them. Apart from the ones that have a purpose and actually keep you warm. I sound like a strange one I know.. But this beanie is so cute and actually suited me. 

The picture doesn't show the colour to well, but it's a Grey/Off Lilac colour that I've not seen anywhere before. I love fluffy things at the moment!!

£7.99 from New Look.


It's taken me a while to get used to the tattoo choker trend, seen as it takes me back to being seven years old. But New Look have started doing them, In Green, Black, Navy, and Purple seen here. It seemed silly not to for a pound with my discount. And I'm thinking of adding a charm to it! I'd avoid them alone but will wear it layered with some of my handmade stacked necklaces.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

New Job & OOTD

Firstly an apology- for how long it's been since I've last blogged. I always have good intentions but always seem to be too busy- and of course my paid work has to come first! But now I am back home I really DO hope to blog more- as I have much more free time since I am working less hours, and can get good quality pictures in the garden instead of the awful ones I've gathered in bad lighting in all my student houses! They were simply not worth blogging and I blame that partly on my absence.

As many of you know - I've also been making and selling jewellery in my spare time which I am loving doing! You can find me on Etsy if you search WanderduskJewellery, or you can buy through the Depop app if you search me: @beckywecky22. As per usual- I am crazily busy, and have soooo much still to make. I have so many pendants that no one has yet seen! Hopefully tomorrow I will have time in the day to make some bits before work in the evening.

It's been a whirlwind month. I have gone from living with friends, working in Southampton, to moving back home and working as a Visual Merchandiser for the Flagship New Look on Oxford Street within a matter of 3 weeks. I had been a bit fed up and have been missing home for a while after I finished uni anyway- but then this amazing job opportunity came along! Sometimes things are just meant to be. So as of the last week- I have been living back home with my mum and commuting from near Reading!

I have been in two days and already love it- it's nice to finally have someone recognize what you are good at, considering studying styling and advertising is what I have done for three years, and I have worked in retail for over 7! Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly- I was so sad to leave all my lovely New Lookers in West Quay. I have felt a bit trodden on for a while and knew I had to push myself further rather than sitting comfortably with my degree. So I am glad- and with my jewellery selling well I am excited for what the future brings, and no longer feel anxious about what could happen, (or not happen..) For the first time in my life- I feel ambitious.

Anyway- it was amazing having a Saturday off for the first time in toooooo long today. Retail kind of kills weekends. Me and my mum spent a nice afternoon shopping in Reading. I ended up on a bit of a raid so will hopefully be posting my haul tomorrow. This is what I wore. My cat Barney was having a 'tree climbing situation' during..!



Buy it:
Bag- £29.99 New Look
Chelsea Boots- £29.99 New Look
Mac Coat- £20 Primark
Orange Tee- £8.99 New Look
Skirt- Sale F&F
Dream Catcher Necklace- £2.95 Forever21

My mum (who has been amazing enough moving my room around and letting me live back home for a while, rent free) treated me to getting my nails done as a congratulations on my new job. I love my new claws - and with all the manual work I do I have literally given up on painting my nails as they get ruined in a matter of a day. I have tried so many top coats, most recently the Sally Hansen Insta-dry Anti-chip top coat - £5.99. None seem to cut it enough for me, on a budget anyway. This Sally Hansen one is great for impatient people like myself and does leave nails touch dry in a matter of seconds, but as a top coat I still wouldn't rate it more than a 7.

I'm having a Pink moment right now- I adore this China Glaze colour. It perfectly matches my jumper that I bought today.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Holiday Blues + Graduation Present + Beauty Bits

First things first..
I want to shout out at how much I love my mum! She gave me the soppiest card on Sunday when she came to visit from home for graduating and bought me these gorgeous Opal Silver earrings as a gift whilst shopping! I remember seeing them a while ago and adoreeee their vintage look.

Here's a selfie from the morning, I'm wearing a side bun with my Vintage leaf headscarf tied in a bow :)

We had a lovely day shopping & an amazing Nandos :):):)

The last weeeeek

So as some of you may be aware, the Southampton New Look West Quay Mega Store is due a refit in the next few weeks. Our concept store looks amazing, and we will look similar to the White City store in London. The fitting rooms are well overdue decoration, so although they will be shut for a week during the works- it will be well worth the wait.

I am really excited to be part of it, although my department Label Lounge is being shipped out during the works, when the stock returns the new section will look amazing!

I have been working hard since I got back off holiday to get the area looking more visually appealing since the older stock has gone in to sale (our sale is huge.. you should take a look) - which is difficult seen as there are so many clashing prints between all the concessions.

Here's my work from the last week and outfit builds from today!

 This Blue Vanilla Kimono on the left was new in today- GORGEOUS.

Besides work, I went on a night out with my work friends on Saturday night. I treated myself to some new heels (Due to the fact I have been selling lots of old bits on Depop & Ebay!)

I love the style of them with the open toe and sling back strap. They were comfy all night too- bonus!

Unfortunately we didn't get many pictures but I teamed them with my new New Look Black Lace Kimono & 'Nightie' style lace dress from Miss Selfridge.

I have been selling lots of handmade jewellery, across Ebay, Depop & to some friends at work. Here's some piccies of my most recent bits, and if you are interested you can email me at, or find me on Depop where you can purchase directly through paypal: Beckywecky22.


Beauty Bits

In duty free on the way to Turkey, I decided to treat myself to a Bobbi Brown Lipgloss. I fell in love with the colour (Electric Violet high shimmer lipgloss) It is so glossssy and sparkly! If you ever used to Soap and Glory lip pumping lip-glosses, this feels similar, it is not sticky like those, but has a tingly feel!

I am wearing it here at work. I haven't deliberately taken note to see how long it stays on for, as I have only been wearing it to work I haven't really had a chance to think about it! 

I am wearing my Hamsa hand choker here too, inspired by some that I came across in Turkish markets on holiday- here's a clearer picture of it below. I also used my Purple hair chalk in these photos!

My braid was done in a Turkish market (so many customers have been asking about it at work!) It only cost the equivalent of around £2 which is a bargain as it's so unusual! My top here is New look, there is matching shorts which makes a cute two piece! 

My mum often orders from Avon and I love flicking through when I pop home. I bought this gorgeous Green nail varnish, and am wearing it here topped with my Opal coat varnish from Barry M, although Avon do one exactly the same! I forgot to take a picture when I first did them so they're a teeny bit scratched in the photo sorry!

And here's a few pics of what I've been wearing this week...

Outfit: All New Look besides my own Long Quartz Necklace

Outfit: All New Look besides H&M Gold stud necklace.. (I got the bag in my wishlist from my last post!)

And here's a few pictures from Turkey!

This mushroom fountain was awesome.

The Blue Lagoon day trip <3 Crystal clear waters.