Monday, June 24, 2013

OOTN Midi Me

Ever feel so happy for no particular reason?

I feel lucky to have my friends and family, to be going on holiday so soon, work is great and everything is just looking up! :) CHEESE OVER

Me and a few girlfriends went out last night, it was in the back of my head that it was going to be horribly quiet in town but we had such a good night!

I popped in to town yesterday and got this Zara perfume (which I adore and ran out of ages ago) for a bargain £3.99 per bottle, normally £7.99.

I love sweet perfumes and this smells divine! They have quite a few of their perfumes on sale along with their clothing sale.

Here's last nights outfit...

(I'm rather primarked up, but as its quite basic I think it hopefully looks a bit more class..)

These skirts are perfect for this typically rubbish windy weather - so no worries of the 'AHH MY SKIRTS FLYING UP' moments

This is quite a sophisticated and smart outfit for me! But I love it none the less.

Cami Top - Primark £4
Black Midi Skirt - H&M £7.99 NEW IN
Chain Ring - Primark £1.50
Stud Clutch Bag - New Look £12
Wedge Shoes - Primark £12 

Becky xxx

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Studying fashion has made me much more aware of the high street, and its radically paced cloning and copying capabilities...

This is a really quick post, with a clone of some office shoes I have been eyeballing up in New Look since the day I started..

I popped in to Office today and have spotted so many similar designs, that have now been cleverly placed in the sales, since their designs have been ripped off by so many other chains!

However, why not take advantage.

Office £65.00

Becky xxx

Friday, June 21, 2013

OOTD Monochrome+Biker


Afternoon lovelies!

OOTD - BikervsMono
This is by far one of my favourite looks at the moment- it's a 'throw it together' scruffy comfy kinda look that I always tend to stick by.
Sorry for the bad quality photos- I really need to invest in a tripod.. Saying that I am going to do it on ebay now!
Being alone means I have to take awful selfies with my bad HTC, in this dark horrible flat. We move next Sunday I cannot wait! We will have a garden for our final year of uni, and even have a square toilet (still amazes me!)
This is my SWEAR BY basic White roll sleeve boyfriend T, paired just with simple Black leggings (Rolled up) and my Leather Biker jacket, and my cross-body studded bag (perfect for bike ridding as it sits out the way!)
These are also the best quality value leggings I've ever purchased- from Accessorize. They were £12 when I got them about 6 months ago, and I can't imagine the price having altered too much!
Of course- my main reason for loving this outfit is my new shoesies!


Tee - ASOS
Leggings - Accessorize
Jacket - New Look
Bag - Primark
Ring - New Look SALE £1 (Set)
Nail Varnish - Accessorize and Primark
Shoes - New Look

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Clutch Me

Envelope Clutches <3
I hardly go out anymore, sadly. But clutch bags are a massive love of mine. And some can be carried off in the day. Like shoes, I can't get enough of these lovelies.

I have just purchased this beaut on ebay- for a bargain £5.99 ! :o
Envelope and oversized is a big 'DO' in my opinion.

 Click here for the link - available in multiple colours!
(I also REALLY love the Green)

Here's my top picks :)
(I am loving the perspexxxx)
(So similar to mine, and nearly 3 times the price!)
Becky xXx

Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Buys & DIY Ideas

These are a few of my new buys, and outfits of the week...
Including a DIY dress similar to one in the new Rihanna for River Island Collection, and a DIY satchel project...

The Denim Dress

I'm not particularly keen on the dungaree thing going on... MAYBE when one shoulder is hooked off, but it just looks a bit too try hard to me sometimes, and I don't know how it looks 'edgy' when it's what I wore at about 5 years old. I'd love to know your opinions though, and it is fashion after all, there has to be a bit of controversy!
I did fall in love with this though... especially the cute little pockets. I discovered it hiding in Primark!
Earrings - New look £3.99 (BOGOF on bracelets and earrings atm)
Top - Basic Mens Primark Roll sleeve Shirt £4 (Tie dyed by me)

Beautiful Booties
Ok, so I said I'd counted my shoes, and realise I have a bit of a problem.. But I still can't resist buying more, especially with my discount. And after ebaying some old clothes I thought it justified a new pair ?
These beauts were £15 after my discount, (which I'm loving a bit toooo much...)
I couldn't turn them away. I love them! Although, I've never loved the Dr Martens thing.. a bit of military and rough'n'ready style is always on my mind, and I have seriously been imagining some grungy boots like this for over a year now and finally they're in trend enough to sell at a more student friendly price! I love the slight platform edge and chunky sole. I love a chunky sole!
£29.99 - New Look
How I plan to wear...
I think they'll look great with a midi dress and layered with a cardie, or with a loose blouse and high waisted shabby shorts. I also think they'd look cute with some frilly socks!
DIY Rihanna Front Knot Dress
I fell in love with this Rihanna LBD in River Island, in the past I have thought the items in the Rihanna collection are just a bit overrated, paying for a label for a basic design. Sadly, I couldn't afford this at £40, so decided to  customise a midi dress similarly myself!
This is my similar DIY version, which I wore on a night out with my friends Ellen and Caroline :)
  (Posers... From left, Caroline, me, Ellen)

Primark dress - £8

I found it hard to find a vest-strap midi dress so had to use one with thicker straps, if any pop up try it yourself!
How To!
I simply cut up a long slit up the right thigh, (it doesn't matter if this isn't neat as you will not see the slit) and twisted and tied it into a double knot up high, with a tad of material left hanging from the knot!
Satchel Project
This is an old satchel bag from Primark, you can probably pick up one exactly the same on the high street as its quite basic.

 I keep seeing satchel bags with artistic influence, and particularly interesting me are the ones with painted edges.
 I decided to update my old unused Black satchel into an arty Monochrome masterpiece!
Using just acrylic paint to scruffilly paint around the edges of my satchel, I have created a must have bag- that would have cost me much more!
This is the process..


Hope you've got a bit of inspiration! I always love creating things myself and knowing they are unique :)
Becky xxx


Craycray Nails

I've had some time on my hands...
 as you might tell.
Although I just haven't got around to blogging, sorry! I haven't been working too much, but my boyfriend came back from home this week as he had some time off work. We went to see the hangover III (which has had mixed reviews. I thought it was still funny, but had more of a story line to follow!) We also went to Marwell zoo a little while ago, it's been really nice to spend some proper time with him instead of stressing in the library!
I have also started having physiotherapy for my hip, which has already slightly helped but I am still in a lot of pain :(
Anyway, with some of my spare time I decided to go wild with my nails- I normally don't get the time! Sometimes it's just fun ;)

I have an old black nail art pen that has a very fine nib, so they were really easy! You can get them in packs from places like Argos. I just used different coloured nail varnishes, including my Primark neon ones to fill in gaps in the grids and create a gradient effect.
Becky xxx

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

OOTD & Pastel Summer Nails

Here's a quick post on my outfit yesterday..
I chilled in the sun in the park for a bit, then did a spot of shopping before work.

The sun looks like it might be here to stay for a bit! But I am still a bit shifty about getting my legs out properly yet, so my tights are staying at the forefront of my wardrobe.

Skater Skirt - New Look
Sunglasses - Forever21
Lipstick - Accessorize
Nose Ring - Claire's Accessories
Watch - Michael Kors
I love these simple crop tops, they are so wearable for this weird, undecided weather. The boxy shape is really stylish and chilled. However, don't get me started on the Slogan ones... They should be banned in my opinion.
Straw Bag - H&M
Cut Out Slipper Shoes - Primark
Watch - Michael Kors
I am home at my mums for the next few days YAY a proper break since finishing my uni work and having a few days off work!
I have been on a bit of a spree the last week so will post all my new bits and outfits, in a post when I am back in Southampton :)
A few snaps from my half hour in the park yesterday!

Pastel Nails Set

This is something I picked up on my quick shopping trip yesterday. I bought these in poundland, and thought hey they're worth a go, as I have seen more expensive versions of these pastel 'stick ons' elsewehere. Although, they never last longer than around 5 days, they look pretty while they last and are good value!

A while ago I purchased a brush on nail glue, so I have tried it without the glue actually supplied as I can imagine it is not the best quality from poundland! But aslong as the glue I use is good quality there is nothing else that can go wrong.

Here is the packaging if you look for the same set!

Before applying the nails, it is best to file your nails, and make sure they are clean and free of creams or nail varnish. I also lightly file the surface of my nails so that the nails stick more effectively.
I think they're so cute, kind of like Easter eggs, and perfectly quirky and summery!!!
Becky xXx