Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Recent Buys And High Street Best Picks

Wardrobe Update featuring Forever 21, Primark,
 H&M and Topshop

I have been on a splurge the last week or so.. My mum very kindly gave me some money for clothes as I have needed a wardrobe update for a while! We were supposed to have a shopping day soon, I love shopping with my mum! But I have injured my back and she has had an operation on her arm, so that is on hold :( I get to go home later until Friday morning though, so I am quite excited!

I thought I would start with Accessories- Hopefully it will be time for the Sunnies to come out soon! (Fingers crossed...) I really do hope we get a good summer this year, otherwise I am seriously considering extending my overdraft for a well needed holiday! Have any of you holiday plans yet?!

These, on the left, are some sunglasses I got in Accessorize just before I left- I had wanted them all Summer but managed to get them in the Sale! You may have started noticing.. I love a bit of a sixties vibe..

I got these others in Forever 21 in London, they were only £4.95! I had fallen in love with some in Topshop but opted for a more purse friendly pair.. And I love the frame shape.

I have been careful, and really just purchased accessories to update looks, but these following are some of the key bits that I kept. Because I have been on crutches it has been a bit awkward shopping but luckily some lovely people helped me around the shops! So because of this I decided to buy things and return them to make it easier.. (I have so much to return oops)

Pink Chain Necklace- Topshop £10

Pearly Aqua Earrings- Forever 21 £2.40 
In my second piercing hole are these sweet little cross earrings - River Island £1.50

Necklace -Primark £1.99 (I thought this was surprising in Primark- it looks as if it should be sold in Urban Outfitters!)

 Topshop dress £26 Primark belt £3

I love this dress it is very sporty, and the longer sleeves mean it is more practical for the chilly weather. I thought to dress it up for a night out it would work really well with this belt!

These shoes are both from Primark- I am in love with the styles! Especially the Peep Toes- I think they will be super cute in Summer (If they last that long.. That's the only issue with Primark quality!)

£8 Primark

 £6 Primark

This is such a cute Mini Skirt! Sorry about the creases in the picture - I've only just taken it out the bag since London! I love the retro pockets at the front and the simplicity!

H&M £12.99

This Pinafore Dress is from Primark- £10. I fell in love with it when I saw it, it's so quirky and  I was shocked to find this style in Primark already. It is really cute with a baggy T-shirt underneath!

These are some bits that I have spotted on the High Street in the last week or so..

I spent quite a while in Primark- you do have to search for things, and the fitting is sometimes poor, but it is definitely worth hunting sometimes!

Primark Best Picks

I love these styled skirts where they continue to full length with a sheer fabric- it is flesh flash without being too revealing!

Monochrome, as everyone knows by now, is huge- but I particularly like the  Graphic printed dresses, and the  classy secretarial Pencil Skirts popping up. What a bargain- this skirt and this dress are only £10!

Fringing and tassels are always a huge part of my wardrobe!

H&M Best Picks




PASTELS RETURN SEASON AFTER SEASON.. I love these Satchels at the top here. And this bag below is cute, but smart and office friendly!

I don't normally like skulls and crosses- as they are everywhere and unavoidable, and becoming a tad boring.. But I really love this dress!

Mesh overlays add a rougher edge to this skater skirt. I really like this grunge military feel.

 Miss Selfridge Best Picks

I could have cried when I saw these boots they are stunning. I love the suede panels and buckles, and cut out at the side.

I love these biker style leggings, although leather paneling has to be done carefully I think!

Urban Outfitters Best Picks

I love these high neck blouses with cut out shoulders! This Paisley print is gorgeous.

I love these 'tweedy' blazers and jackets at the moment.. My own from New Look is a thin thing, but this U/O one looks cosy and snuggly!

Topshop Best Picks

<3 Monochrome printed trousers... Especially ankle grazers.
So versatile for different occasions..

I am really loving the sweet little string, sheer blouses in Topshop at the moment- although they aren't very practical for the freezing weather of Southy right now!

This is a blouse I purchased but may take back! I love the crisp white panel detail.

 River Island Best Picks

I love this style of boot, which will kick off well when the weather warms up. I love the lace up on these river Island ones. They were £35 but I found them on sale on the River Island website the other day - £20!

And this is a really sweet dress I found in the Beatnik Emporium (Charity Retro Shop Southampton)
If it was a play suit I would have purchased it, but it would be a little too short on me! I love the vibrant colours and the lace collar. Retrooooo.

Thanks for reading! 
Hope you've gained some S/S inspiration
Becky XxX

Monday, February 25, 2013

London Fashion Weekend Friday 22nd February


It's been a bit of  a mad weekend.. 
Friday me and my two course mates (Ellen and Caroline) ventured to London for the day, for Fashion Weekend. We had to get up at six and didn't get back until about 10, this weekend has taken it out of me- absolutely shattered! Then the following day, Saturday, I traveled up to London to work with StyleRevo for the day to shoot their new video with a Celebrity Stylist who has worked on the X Factor.. I will blog again soon when the video is released!

These are our 'Street Style' shots! And list of our outfits from our day together at London Fashion Weekend..

Top- Mens section Primark
Skirt- Primark
Leather Jacket- New Look
Bag- H&M
Shoes- Primark
Watch- Urban Outfitters
Necklace- Topshop
Earrings- Primark

Blazer- River Island
Shoes- Primark
Trousers- Topshop
Top- H&M

Hat- Primark
Coat- Primark
Bag- Primark
Shoes- Office
Necklace- Topshop
Blouse- Urban Outfitters
High Waisted Trousers- Topshop

When we got to London- we found Ted Baker near to Covent Garden and took some sneaky pictures for some University research. 

Then we did a spot of shopping, before getting the Tube to Somerset house. Our tickets allowed us entry into the event from 11-4, but the catwalk show we saw started at 1.30. 

Somerset House

We had enough time to look around the exhibits....


 We each bagged ourselves a years Elle subscription for £15, with the choice of a free Benefit make-up kit or Fragrance! We also got a free tester size Benefit mascara.. What a bargain- it was worth going for that! Oh, aswell as picking up the March issue for just a pound on the day! 

As I'm with Vodafone I also got the choice of a free manicure. Instead I just chose to collect the free bottle- from this cute vending machine! 

Benefit Kit and Mascara....

This is the free Benefit kit I received, and Mascara. My friend had heard wondrous things on the Mascara, and I have been very impressed with it! It scooped my lashes so long and high that I had to clear up the excess around my eyes with a cotton bud! 
I tried the Make-Up kit for the first time last night, it left me feeling very bronzed, and I especially like the 'Posietint'. It is a Peachy gloss for cheeks and lips and leaves a lovely tint. 

I would definately agree with these statistics... Amazing stuff- and   I will probably be purchasing when I'm finished with the tester now!

Trend Catwalk

Curated by Hilary Alexander...

We watched the trend catwalk- the four trends were Graphic Art, Urban Lifestyle, Eastern Promise and Dolls house. 

The show was presented by Zoe Hardman, who currently presents Take Me Out - The Gossip. She also spoke to a guest model during one gap between trends.

Us, a weeee bit excited before the Catwalk!

Here's a few Photos..

After leaving Somerset House, we got the Tube to Oxford Street.. And spent a little more than we should have... Could have spent hours in 
Topshop! Especially in the shoes section.. 

These are some pictures in the store!

Ankle socks and Neon are a huge trend leading into Spring/Summer and I just love the way they have them all so cutely hung together! 

I spotted these bags and thought they were adorable... (Especially seen as I probably say this twenty times a day!)

This is me and Caroline messing around with the hundreds of sunglasses.. (I actually loved these ones I tried on.. but made myself put them back!)

Thanks for reading hope you've enjoyed!
Becky XxX