Saturday, June 15, 2013

Craycray Nails

I've had some time on my hands...
 as you might tell.
Although I just haven't got around to blogging, sorry! I haven't been working too much, but my boyfriend came back from home this week as he had some time off work. We went to see the hangover III (which has had mixed reviews. I thought it was still funny, but had more of a story line to follow!) We also went to Marwell zoo a little while ago, it's been really nice to spend some proper time with him instead of stressing in the library!
I have also started having physiotherapy for my hip, which has already slightly helped but I am still in a lot of pain :(
Anyway, with some of my spare time I decided to go wild with my nails- I normally don't get the time! Sometimes it's just fun ;)

I have an old black nail art pen that has a very fine nib, so they were really easy! You can get them in packs from places like Argos. I just used different coloured nail varnishes, including my Primark neon ones to fill in gaps in the grids and create a gradient effect.
Becky xxx

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