Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Buys & DIY Ideas

These are a few of my new buys, and outfits of the week...
Including a DIY dress similar to one in the new Rihanna for River Island Collection, and a DIY satchel project...

The Denim Dress

I'm not particularly keen on the dungaree thing going on... MAYBE when one shoulder is hooked off, but it just looks a bit too try hard to me sometimes, and I don't know how it looks 'edgy' when it's what I wore at about 5 years old. I'd love to know your opinions though, and it is fashion after all, there has to be a bit of controversy!
I did fall in love with this though... especially the cute little pockets. I discovered it hiding in Primark!
Earrings - New look £3.99 (BOGOF on bracelets and earrings atm)
Top - Basic Mens Primark Roll sleeve Shirt £4 (Tie dyed by me)

Beautiful Booties
Ok, so I said I'd counted my shoes, and realise I have a bit of a problem.. But I still can't resist buying more, especially with my discount. And after ebaying some old clothes I thought it justified a new pair ?
These beauts were £15 after my discount, (which I'm loving a bit toooo much...)
I couldn't turn them away. I love them! Although, I've never loved the Dr Martens thing.. a bit of military and rough'n'ready style is always on my mind, and I have seriously been imagining some grungy boots like this for over a year now and finally they're in trend enough to sell at a more student friendly price! I love the slight platform edge and chunky sole. I love a chunky sole!
£29.99 - New Look
How I plan to wear...
I think they'll look great with a midi dress and layered with a cardie, or with a loose blouse and high waisted shabby shorts. I also think they'd look cute with some frilly socks!
DIY Rihanna Front Knot Dress
I fell in love with this Rihanna LBD in River Island, in the past I have thought the items in the Rihanna collection are just a bit overrated, paying for a label for a basic design. Sadly, I couldn't afford this at £40, so decided to  customise a midi dress similarly myself!
This is my similar DIY version, which I wore on a night out with my friends Ellen and Caroline :)
  (Posers... From left, Caroline, me, Ellen)

Primark dress - £8

I found it hard to find a vest-strap midi dress so had to use one with thicker straps, if any pop up try it yourself!
How To!
I simply cut up a long slit up the right thigh, (it doesn't matter if this isn't neat as you will not see the slit) and twisted and tied it into a double knot up high, with a tad of material left hanging from the knot!
Satchel Project
This is an old satchel bag from Primark, you can probably pick up one exactly the same on the high street as its quite basic.

 I keep seeing satchel bags with artistic influence, and particularly interesting me are the ones with painted edges.
 I decided to update my old unused Black satchel into an arty Monochrome masterpiece!
Using just acrylic paint to scruffilly paint around the edges of my satchel, I have created a must have bag- that would have cost me much more!
This is the process..


Hope you've got a bit of inspiration! I always love creating things myself and knowing they are unique :)
Becky xxx


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