Friday, October 26, 2012

Autumn Wardrobe Shopping

Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Update

So.. in the last 2 days I have managed to spend a whopping £200... after spending £400 last week on my SLR...
If you aren't a student you have no idea how worrying this is!!
(I am convinving myself it's better as £80 was on underwear..)
But it has been a while since anything has really caught my eye on the highstreet... So as it happens I went on a bit of a Primark spree, along with H&M for some basics.. and have ordered from ASOS.. (Excited for it to arrive!)
I got an absolute bargain on these shoes in NewLook! They are offering £5 off on many shoes at the moment- and I live in these ballet pumps that I already own- I love the way they give a cute look to every outfit. So anyway, they cost me £2.99!

 A few of my favies at the moment..

Believe it or not, I got this scarf about 2 years ago.. In Tesco.. It wasn't actually a scarf. But a sarrong. And I came across it a few weeks ago and thought HEY I love studs ! It's funny how you forget some things! I am also a bit nutty for tassles at the mo..
This is another favie of my tassled collection.
I got it at the beginning of summer in Republic and still get so many comments on it - it's great as I wear it in the day and love the vintage appeal, but it's also a great cover up at night! It would probably be so easy to find some fabric though and customise one yourself (Something a bit curtain inspired haha)
As the wind biting air gets to my ears- I have invested in these cute head bands.
This one is from Accesorize, I LOVE MY DISCOUNT...
This one however was from Primark (A bargain £2) - I have customised it as I didn't like the diamante bow- so I ripped that on, and sewed on a cute anchor button and much prefer it! I really would encourage anyone to shop for bargains and alter them- I love knowing I own things that are different to everyone elses!
My new riding boots! (A bargain £25 from Primark- when I've seen some very similar for £100 in River Island!) They also do them in a camel colour.
One of my favourite bags... I love the bucket style. I found it in somewhere like MkOne for £8 (always on a bargain hunt) about 6 months ago but have since customised it with studs and wear it so often! The studs cost me about £2 on ebay! Do it!!
Time to move over LBD!
This is a gorgeous LRD (Little Red Dress) I got from Zara about two months ago.. I have been so busy with Uni work i have hardly been out but can't wait to wear it! I NEVER wear Red but thought I'd be a bit brave, I love the peplum styles everywhere at the moment.
Check out this Little Red Dress feature!
 Baroque is huge at the moment- and although I'm not brave enough to wear some of the jewellery I've seen I found this gorgeous Embellished belt in Accesorize for £25 and bag which is £40.. I wore the belt with a little black dress the other day and it completely transforms the look. It will be perfect around Christmas as well! (Not long!)
 I am always getting complements on the bag! And it is so practical for Uni with all my sketchbooks and notes.

Just a few things before I go- I am loving nail art at the moment and just came across this on the Vogue Facebook page! This is a brilliant nail idea for Halloween too.. And so easy! I'm thinking when i do mine later I will just coat them in black varnish, cover the tips in a bit of tape once dry, and put matte varnish on.!/photo.php?fbid=487810921249793&set=a.380652941965592.94720.104958196201736&type=1&theater
I love matt nail varnish, and have been buying this one for the last 2 years! I always stick to the Rimmel matte varnish I know it lasts for longer!


Thanks for reading!! Becky xxx


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