Wednesday, October 17, 2012



My name's Becky- I am new to blogging but am excited for my first try!

I will mostly blog fashion related- including inspirational images and articles I come across, upcoming trends, and work relating to my course! But I would also like to feature life style and travel from time to time. I have recently invested in an SLR- which I hope will improve my photography skills outside of University and will contribute to my blog relatively.



A little bit about me..
I am a 20 year old Fashion Promotion Student in my second year at Solent University..
I am arty, a daddys girl at heart, but love nothing more than a good shop with my mum or friends! I love travelling and worked in Australia for 3 months in my gap year before University... I have always loved art, a career in fashion just makes sense to me!
 I have a part time job which I really enjoy, in Accesorize. I live away from home with my two friends, Ellen and Robyn, in a student house/flat that seems to always be falling apart (DO NOT RENT FROM TENANTS DIRECT)..
- nothing is better than visiting home and my two cats- Barnie and Daisy! (Or Barns and Daise which they often get referred to....)
I am a bit of a tattoo and piercing fan, luckily that 'tattoo' addiction hasn't got to me yet after my first a few years ago!
I started a blog in the main aim to capture peoples imaginations- and to see all those other bloggers out there and be inspired myself!

Just a minute ago I was researching into Aquascutum for a unit we have started, and came across this link which I find really interesting! I love seeing how old trends have jumped through decades and how little overall they have changed! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!!!!

Becky XxX


  1. hiya thanks for taking ht etime to comment on one of my blog posts. i like the look of your blog but i cant find the follow button?! maybe a blonde moment but i seriously cant find it haha x

  2. Hiya!! Aww no problem I'm getting the hang of this now I think and managed to add the follow button haha!! xx