Sunday, October 21, 2012

Re:So Photo Frames And Mirrors!


Photoframes- Re:So

My recent project outside of Uni has been to customise some photoframes and mirrors for a university run shop!


I have been making them for a year or so in my spare time- as gifts for friends and family. This oppurtunity appeared for students to sell their own work and I thought this was perfect!

The shop is a great idea for any students looking to get their work and creativity seen, and make a bit of extra money!


The frames were originally inspired by some that I saw in Urban Outfitters...

I would love to keep creating them, and am currently brainstorming more designs. Photo frames will never be unpopular with the rising popularity of photography!

This is a link to the Re:So (Retail Solent) Blog site, take a look at how they have merchandised the shop!

The shop is upstairs next to Costa in the Marlands centre- Central Southampton!


  1. i love your blog so far, i'm new to blogging too so i thought i'd say hi, newbies together and all that.
    please add a google friend connect so i can follow- settings, layout, add a gadget :)
    pop over and say hi, i'd love to chat plus it'll help me refind your blog because i can't follow it right now :(
    hope to hear from you soon,
    laura xx

  2. Aw thank you - I've followed you and love the look of yours!! And what's this google friend connect haha? Im a bit of a technophobe/old woman :)