Monday, June 2, 2014

Tangle Teaser Review&LondonTrip&HairChalks

Hey beauts!

I've just been home for a lovely few days- I saw my gorgeous cousin Bethany in her dance show which she won an award for, and treated my mum for a meal out for her birthday!

I'm excited for the next week- I am hoping to hear about a job... fingers crossed.. Other wise I will be continuing the search and networking!

Me and my friend Ellen got a coach up last Tuesday to London and went to the Tate. After we went shopping on Oxford street and Shepherds Bush Westfields.

I love visiting London to shop it's such a different experience and the VM is amazing. Has anyone seen the horizontal mannequins in Topshop at the mo?!

Here's a few pictures from River Island, Topshop and H&M. I thought the H&M Visual Merchandising was spot on for my trend for my Final Major Project, I love all the Jungle themes at the moment.

Anyway- just a little reminder to check me out on Depop- beckywecky22. I'm selling a lot over the next few weeks, having a clear out before I move out of our shared house :( SO sad about leaving it's gone way too fast!

SO, here's a few of my beauty purchases from the last week! After trying and failing miserably to dye my hair pastel Pink (as my hair is still too darker blonde) I decided to buy some chalks, I got this packet of 6 off ebay for £3.50. I would defo recommend getting them off their rather than on the High Street. I did some faint strips today as you can see!

I will post more pics when I do it properly as I only tried the Pink chalk weakly the first time around! They're so easy to use and less damaging for your hair, I just coloured streaks and ends in whilst my hair was still damp before blow drying.

Since my hair has grown at a ridiculous rate lately, it also tangles like crazy. The hair dressers have been on at me for a while to invest in a tangle teaser. So I finally did. I got one in Urban Outfitters for £9 after student discount. SO worth it. My hair normally takes twenty minutes to get knot free after a shower, with this it takes a matter of minutes!

I went out with my friend Caroline in Southampton last night, she is leaving basically this week and I'm genna miss her like crayyy :( I have a separate post on what I wore!

And this is an outfit I wore out the other night with a friend from work. Sorry about the not so great rushed mirror selfies...

I used my new Kelly Brook Smokey Eye palette, a bargain with my discount but only £2.99 for non New Lookers! I love the brush it comes with!

Skirt £14.99 New Look
Top £6 Boohoo

I love this off the shoulder Bardot top. This one fits perfect, and I didn't want a long sleeved one as they always come up short on me so this was P E R F E C T!

Here is another outfit from the other day. I am wearing my new Topshop Gingham dress, £30. Along with my new New Look Feather necklace, £3.99. I also have on my Kors, and my 'stick on' Elegant Touch nails from New Look, £5.99. So many people have commented on them I adore them and will definitely be buying them again! I would suggest if you do get them though, not to even bother with the stick on tabs included but to buy Kiss glue to use.

OH- and I probably should have posted this first but hey ho.. . here's my new tattoo!!

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