Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Recent Buys && Pins FMP && Home Tooth Whitening

Hey loveliiiies. I am home at the moment, having some chill time! 

I spent the day shopping with my mum on Monday, and yesterday went into Reading with my gorgeous nan and had a lovely lunch! It's really nice to spend some time with the family and not be rushed back to uni for a change. I have a free day so thought I would catch up on my blog, as it has been too long since I have been able to! I'll include the bits I've bought over the last few days in this post.

So, I've finally finished uni. All my work has been handed in- I'm free!

My final project was handed in a few weeks ago

I had a nightmare the week before and lost half my work because my hard drive broke. It was the worst day / week of my life...but I managed to make it up by spending every waking moment in the library! And I did it! People aren't exaggerating when they tell you how stressful final year is... Anyway, I completed a 20 page website design for my new tall brand Pins.

I'd love you to take a look at some of the pages and shoot images, and some of my past work in my online Portfolio at:

Since I have had some spare time around work after finishing Uniiii, I have ended up shopping a bit too often. And having too many celebratory cocktails!

I'd recommend Vodka Revs on Bedford High-street a million times over, half price food on Mondays and 2 for 1 cocktails in the eve's!(Try the Satay Chicken Flatbread pictured here...)

Me and a few friends had a blow out just after hand in, of which I lost count of how much I spent. But we felt we deserved it! The many outfits are still to be blogged, but I promise they will be coming soon, now I actually have time to care about how I look again!!!

Here's a few new looks-

I fell in love with this crop tee on ASOS Petite. It doesn't even seem Petite, which is why I suspect it was in the sale!  
Top £12 ASOS Necklace £3.99 H&M

This is the H&M necklace pictured above too. I love that it's a shorter length and that I can wear it with so many outfits. This ring was in a set of 3 Semi-Precious Gem stone rings from Topshop- £7.50.

 Above is my new Coin Necklace from New Look- £5.99, and on the underneath is the print of my new Primark Playsuit- just £5!

I can't wait to wear this gorgeous Red Floral Playsuit on holiday. I'm going to Turkey in July. It was £19.99 from New Look, also available from the Petite section. This light and cool Kimono was £9.99 from H&M.

This shift dress was in the sale in River Island for £20. I really love the Black Panel stripe that is central at the front and back. The fabric is really light and airy too for warm days.
Mirrored sunnies are making a big come back- I snatched these up in H&M for £5.99. I used them for my Jungle Gym Trend Photoshoot too!

I recently got this lovely top in Topshop. I love how the back is split, and the casual crinkle fabric means I don't need to worry about ironing! (Love that..)

I'm wearing it casually with my Grey Skater from H&M - £3.99 & Long Burgundy New Look Cardigan - £17.99 

I'm obsessed with Sunglasses & Bags. These glasses are £4.99 from New Look, and I love the Retro Blue round frames. This cool Monochrome split backpack was £8 from Primark!

This is my bargain of the year. I have a bit of a thing for Winged Totes, and have been after one with Gold clasps in Lilac or White for a while. I don't think you'll guess where I found this beaut..
Tesco. £13.

I did have to dig for one without any marks and remove the tag, BUT look at it <3

Hand Accessories

Primark Midi Rings. (Catch the light gorgeously) £1.50

£1 Fake nails from Primark. The prints are so cute. I will use Kiss stick on Glue instead as have found this is the strongest to use.

Product Reviews

First Things First- I WANT WHITE TEETH

So... Here's a picture of the kit I've bought, a 2 week at home system. Watch out for my posts on my progress and reviews on using it! I have just started using it 2 days ago whilst at home.


I love Zara perfumes, and think they are such a great price averaging £10. I had my eye on the bag sizes roller, and my lovely friend Caroline bought it for me for my birthday. I am sure it was around £4.

Whist shopping with my nan yesterday she bought me this perfume in Next. It smells quite sweet like Vanilla, I have always been a fan of Next perfumes. I also noticed this lasts quite a while, and is also perfectly sized for my bag in the evening!


Lately I have been trying my hardest to get my nails healthier, and longer. I had a Shellac manicure done for my birthday in April, so they grew longer naturally. But when it came to taking of the Shellac I wanted to keep them strong, as they split quite quickly normally.

I have heard great things about the Sally Hansen range, and a while back my mum bought me the nail strengthening nail varnish. You are supposed to apply this every couple of days under nail varnish. I did notice a difference using this over a few months, even if only slightly. They looked longer and were not splitting half as much. However, I thought I could try something else in order for them to grow as long as possible. So I purchased this.

It was on offer in Superdrug, so me and my friend Caroline got one each. I have found it makes my nails instantly strong. It works like Acrylic gel they use in salons. You brush a layer on before you paint your nails as normal. As soon as it dries I find my nails don't bend- at all. I am continuing to use it, and my nails are slowly growing! I think this may also be due to the skin hair and nail tablets I have started taking daily. I will post more nail inspo soon!

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