Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blonde for my interview!

I've been a busy old bee the last few weeks!

Working lots, being interviewed in London, having my hair done and going on a small visit home.

I've been working hard to save because me and my friend Caroline are booking a last minute holiday next month, well needed by both! We are hoping to go to Greece or possibly Mallorca.

I have also had an internship interview in London with PR/ trend forecasting company EDTID yesterday, and have been successful! My placement will be for two weeks full time at the end of September just before I start back for my third year at uni. The title of the internship is 'Runway Trend Assistant'. My duties will be analysing the catwalk shows during and after LFW and picking out colour palettes, recognising fabric mixes and common themes. The company then sell their analytical forecasts to well know fashion brands. I am really excited to start here as forecasting and trend development are my main interests, and as the work is computer based my previous internship experience should help! 

Anyway- as I have been working I haven't been wearing too many exciting outfits, and as I have been a bit poor I have had to limit my spending! But this is a selfie before my friends 21st birthday night out about a week or so ago! I finally got around to wearing my Racerback crop with Red animal print from Missguided, and really loved it with my Black midi skirt and new 'Gold plated' heeled sandals from New Look. 

As always, teamed with my trusty Topshop necklace that I bought in the sale about a year ago now for £3!

Although my outfits haven't been too blogworthy, my nails are! I have now mastered the Ombre/Dip Dye nail art! These are the pictures are of my first attempt...

Firstly, I buffed my nails and made sure they were clean and dry. I then painted my nails with 2 coats of White base so that the colour looked more vibrant on top. I didn't worry about shaping them until after they were painted and dried as filing them got some of the excess paint off the edge of my fingers too! 

Once dry, I dabbed on the first lighter colour to the base of my nail, making sure I dabbed any excess paint off the sponge onto this nail box of mine. I used this Barry M Mint as my base colour.

After doing a few coats of the Mint, the ends still being the White under base, I gradually dabbed on the Neon Yellow paint and blended the colours with the foundation sponge. After a few coats this is what they looked like!

Just don't forget a few final clear top coats as I found this blended the paint more and made the effect more even!

As they weren't too neat, I sprinkled on some shell confetti on the top coat. This is how they looked once dry! They remind me of the sea.

After loving the effect I had a bit more time one day to try again, with similar shades but lighter, and without the Neon. I started again with the White base. Allowing more time to dry between coats definitely creates more of an even effect. This is once I had applied a light Blue/Mint bottom colour, and a slightly darker Blue on the ends. I preferred these as they were more subtle.


I then decided I wanted the ends slightly darker so I applied a very light coat of a slightly darker Blue. I then did a few top coats, and brushed off the excess around my nails with a cotton bud stick soaked in nail varnish removed.

Anyway- as my Blog Post title suggests, I have gone a bit Blonder!

I am really happy about the result and would recommend Justice For Hair salons over and over. I had a half head of highlights done by the junior stylist for £25. Bargain! I had applied a box dye and my hair had gone much darker, despite disguising my roots. That's the last time I attempt to do my hair myself that's for sure! 
Here's me now, much happier!

Let me know if you've been inspired to try the Ombre nails yourself!

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