Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What I Wore

OOTN 03/09

My wardrobe is slowly turning darker, and is it sad that I'm excited by all the woolly jumpers appearing?!

I love Summer, and loathe winter, but the rubbish weather does have it perks of layering up and staying snuggly! I have never been one to love being half naked in nothing but shorts and crop tops in Summer.

This is what I wore on a girls night out last night, I love this midi skirt still and it is so versatile. I just bought this gorgeous green cami from New Look.

Midi Skirt H&M £7.99
Fish Bone Necklace Zara Sale £8.99

I wore my gorge chunky grungy military boots to complete my 90's grunge inspired outfit, and wore my hair a little cray! (In all honesty I couldn't be bothered to wash it and thought it looked quite cool all scruffed up with the outfit)


I've learnt a brilliant tip on how to get the on trend lip look
'worn, stained, blurred & bleeding'

Blend foundation or concealer into the outline of the lips and then with a small eyeshadow brush carefully blend and dab lipstick on to the lips. Blend carefully into the outlines, meeting the foundation to create a subtle blurred line. Do not use too much lippy, this will create a more bruised effect! I love it! I find this looks best and most effective with darker lipstick.

Thanks for reading!
Becky XxX

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