Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thou shalt have a Fishy...


I am off to work later on another BEAUT day! But I am actually happy to be going as the air con has been a life saver. I went to Thorpe Park with a few friends yesterday! It was so much fun, I had been lots of times when I was younger as didn't live too far away. I have definitely become more of a coward with age!

I have been buying a bit more uniform for work, and been sale shopping out and about the last month - a bit too much to be honest.

This is my new favey necklace- £8.99 in the Zara sale. It's so cute and original! It's a cute fish pendant with a fish bone pendant attached.

This is my new dress from New Look, £16.99. I have looked online but they don't have the identical one, but they do have this Blue and Purple version! 

I love how it looks with these new Chelsea Boots, real leather and a bargain £22 in the New Look sale. Originally £69.99! They are Limited Edition. I have been wanting them for so long and they will be perfect in Autumn! I feel awful now, because they seem to have taken them back out the sale so I think there may have been a mistake marking them up :S But here is the link if you still love them!

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