Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer Wish List

New Look Wish List
Now I am starting at New Look- I am having a peek at what I can get on my discount!
I've created a little wish list below- and I am a little worried as I want EVERY single thing, wah!


I love the skater dresses- very similar to Topshop but better value. One thing I will DEFINITELY be getting is '15' this cute 'Boxer' Shirt. My other top choices are '1' Necklace and '12' Loafers.
I adore these loafers, and think they're great value. I love the Crisp White minimalistic trend, but find when I buy clothes this White they get ruined so easily! I'm very messy and clumsy.
Jelly sandals are so nostalgic, and comfortable, '13' I am sure these will be appearing in my wardrobe. I have also fallen in love with this '9' Acid Wash Dunga, I'm not overly keen on the 'painters and decoraters look' but think this one is really cute, and I could actually see me wearing it!

I also found this dress, a budget version of the exact same dress I got a while ago from Missguided!
They have also had very similar ones in River Island, but also in other colours such as Red and Black.

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