Saturday, April 6, 2013



The sun is shining! And I have never been more excited to get my skirts and dresses to the forefront of my wardrobe!

Here is my outfit for today... I am off last minute to go out in Devon for my friends birthday- after I have a few hours in the library!

New Woven belt - £1 Primark
Black Roll Neck Top Long sleeves - VERY old season Primark
Floral mid-length skirt - Topshop Summer s/s12 

I have seen this very similar skirt in River Island though! There was one even more similar that I saw in the Southampton store a few weeks ago but can't spot it online.

River Island Floral Skirt £22

As I have lost weight recently the skirts a bit baggy so I've had to roll it up slightly- but it's created a slit effect at the front that I love!

Have a great weekend - make the most of the sun!!

Becky XxX

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