Friday, April 5, 2013

Best Picks Of Recent Buys Ft Primark & Missguided

All in Black
Night Out

I love Black- don't care what people say- it's not boring, it's sophisticated and you can easily style it differently..(Plus it is flattering on more curvy girls like me!)

I have to be careful wearing crop tops- cause lets face it most of us don't have six packs or want to freeze. But I love this as it has a bit more class!

Cheesy grin!

New Lace roll neck crop top - Primark - £6
Black skater skirt - Old Season - New Look 
Black studded clutch - Old Season - New Look
Black Crop Bandeau top - New Look - £2.99
Nail Varnish - Primark - £2 set of four

Flatform shoes - Office - RRP £30

My Recent Best High Street Buys

Primark - Bag - £9

Primark - Waist Belts

I have way too many - but hey ho a girl can never have enough of anything ?

The Khaki is my favourite with the cross details just at the front

The Brown woven one will be perfect for summer- and was £1!
 The two others were both £2

Missguided - Dresses


I plan to wear the above dress for my birthday as feel it is a bit dressy- and I am on a mission to lose a bit of weight before, and it is going to plan! I love the off the shoulder design, and skater dresses are always the most flattering for most shapes.


I fell in love with this colour a while back- I love the roll neck sleeveless style, and will team this with my office wooden block heels. My dress is the shorter version of this- but is no longer available.

Missguided - Turtle Neck Crop Top


I adore this pattern- and Red is a colour I find suits me- I don't want to show this much stomach, but think it will look great teamed with my high waist Leather skirt.

What are the key pieces you've been buying?!
Becky XxX

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