Thursday, April 4, 2013

Marble Nails! How to...

Marble/Graffiti Nail Design

So you may have seen this image on my blog a while ago.. I was inspired to do something similar!

I wasn't sure how the end result would look- but I was so happy with them!
I simply used a sponge to lightly dab on different shades of varnishes on top of a White/Cream base coat. It looks like graffiti spray/marbled. It would look great with different neon varnishes, like the ones I have just blogged about! I love messy and scruffy looks so this really suited!
Make sure to dab nail varnish onto the sponge and then dab off excess so that it doesn't end up smothering the whole nail, and start with light colours first and build darker colours on top.

These were the colours I used- I went for a bit of a rainbow! I can imagine using one shade in different tones would also look good.

This is the base colour I used.

And here is the finished result- before I had removed the excess around my nails. That is the only thing about this- it was a bit time consuming as the sponge gets paint everywhere.

Becky XxX

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