Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trying at Tie Dye

Tie Dye Time

Today it hit me whilst shopping how long I've wanted to tie dye some of my clothing..

I saw this over sized mans T in Primark, and it was only £4... So I thought hey, why not- let's give it a go! It looked really simple to do looking at a few tutorials on Pinterest and Youtube, and as this shirt is already coloured, I simply used house bleach..

This is the Shirt I used- but obviously Bleach will alter any colour shirt!


This is the end product, but I will talk you through the process!

All You Need:
A bucket
Hair bands / elastic bands if you have them
Spray bottle

I used this tutorial to help me, but found it was more trial and error! -Take a look it's SO easy!

I used an old bottle from body spray to fill with water. It dampens the material so it is easier to whirl into a spiral.

So after swirling the shirt round, I tied the bands round to keep it in place, elastic bands or string would have been much easier but hair bands worked perfectly too! 


You really just need enough for the T-shirt to be submerged in liquid 1:4 Bleach:Water...


I left the shirt to soak in the mix for about 15 minutes.. I thought the longer the better but I kept checking to see it hadn't dissolved (Primark quality and all..)

I normally don't think things through too much! But I'm glad this worked out so well.

I rinsed the shirt, and it is currently hanging to dry and I'm very happy with the result...


Easy- and so cheap! Makes me laugh when you see all these tie dye items selling for so much in Urban Outfitters etc. Don't be lazy - DIY! 
As well as tie dying I've also been wanting to try an acid wash on some old jeans... I love scruffy/scraped jeans.. Take a look at this other simple tutorial!

Becky XxX

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