Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nailsnailsnails, And StyleRevo Work/Competition

It's nearly Easter

I have been working my pants off, most of us feel the same at the moment! Luckily my back is feeling much better at the moment- so I have been getting stuff done.

I have about fifty books to read by tomorrow though so I should crack on with that! I have been busy all day creating a competition banner for StyleRevo and working on some website posts  ...

I saw this picture the other day- and these nails are stunning! The marble/tie dye effect inspired me a bit for a trend for one of our projects... The colours are beautiful. I may try to do the same thing, by painting my nails white, and then using a sponge to lightly dab on differing nail varnishes- it can't be too hard!

Here's my own nails this week! I used my 'sprinkle' kit from Accessorize, but used it just on the one finger! The nail varnish is from Topshop- it is by far my favourite nail polish at the moment, the colour pops! My friend showed me a picture after I had painted them, from Lavish Alice- and the nails were identical! Spooky. If only I didn't have sausage fingers and stupidly short nails though.



StyleRevo have launched a competition, alongside @AshLOUDRae, the designer/stylist from one of the recent StyleCorner episodes. Just Retweet and follow the page for a chance to win some gorgeous New Look heels and statement Necklace! The competition runs until the 20th March. I created the banner on Photoshop below :)

I am really enjoying working with them, and have picked up so much already! I would definately advise anyone studying fashion to get work experience, it gives you so much more value that just a degree.. Or in any career field! Getting a degree means bugger all now days.

Check out behind the scenes on the Tumblr of the recent video I went along to help with, it has nearly finished the editing process so it won't be long until we get to see it! Rikki Finlay is a freelance celebrity stylist, who has worked on the Xfactor, as well as continuing to style Rylan and others..

@Rikki_stylist @style_revo
Happy reading! Not long until the Easter Bunny (As IF I need to comfort eat any more right now ! )
Becky XxX

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