Monday, March 18, 2013


H&M 'Snowflake' Nail Varnish

Around Christmas, my friend bought this gorgeous Models Own Nail Varnish (Pictured Below) ..

I have borrowed it a few times and have been meaning to find it for a while, but at £5 a bottle it's not exactly student friendly, nor an essential.

As it happens, I was in H&M the other day and came across this cheaper version! I was skeptical as to whether it would be as thick coverage, but I have just tested it, and with only two coats this is the result! At £2.99 I couldn't refuse... And even after two coats over my Barry M nail Polish, there is no dip in the bottle! 

Considering it has to be quite thick to get a good layer of flakes- it also dried extremely quickly.

(I am so impatient- there is nothing worse than waiting for paint  to dry...)

They catch the light beautifully- and I can't wait to try it as an overcoat over lots of different varnishes.

I also did some 'tie dye' nails last week, based on the nails I posted in my last post. They were amazing- I'm excited to show you! I loved the effect using a sponge to lightly cover a White Base. I will post pictures when I am back in Southampton on Tuesday, as my SLR and memory card are there :(

Hope you are all excited for Easter break!

Becky xxx

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  1. can't believe how similar that is! crazy :) xx