Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Recent Buys And High Street Best Picks

Wardrobe Update featuring Forever 21, Primark,
 H&M and Topshop

I have been on a splurge the last week or so.. My mum very kindly gave me some money for clothes as I have needed a wardrobe update for a while! We were supposed to have a shopping day soon, I love shopping with my mum! But I have injured my back and she has had an operation on her arm, so that is on hold :( I get to go home later until Friday morning though, so I am quite excited!

I thought I would start with Accessories- Hopefully it will be time for the Sunnies to come out soon! (Fingers crossed...) I really do hope we get a good summer this year, otherwise I am seriously considering extending my overdraft for a well needed holiday! Have any of you holiday plans yet?!

These, on the left, are some sunglasses I got in Accessorize just before I left- I had wanted them all Summer but managed to get them in the Sale! You may have started noticing.. I love a bit of a sixties vibe..

I got these others in Forever 21 in London, they were only £4.95! I had fallen in love with some in Topshop but opted for a more purse friendly pair.. And I love the frame shape.

I have been careful, and really just purchased accessories to update looks, but these following are some of the key bits that I kept. Because I have been on crutches it has been a bit awkward shopping but luckily some lovely people helped me around the shops! So because of this I decided to buy things and return them to make it easier.. (I have so much to return oops)

Pink Chain Necklace- Topshop £10

Pearly Aqua Earrings- Forever 21 £2.40 
In my second piercing hole are these sweet little cross earrings - River Island £1.50

Necklace -Primark £1.99 (I thought this was surprising in Primark- it looks as if it should be sold in Urban Outfitters!)

 Topshop dress £26 Primark belt £3

I love this dress it is very sporty, and the longer sleeves mean it is more practical for the chilly weather. I thought to dress it up for a night out it would work really well with this belt!

These shoes are both from Primark- I am in love with the styles! Especially the Peep Toes- I think they will be super cute in Summer (If they last that long.. That's the only issue with Primark quality!)

£8 Primark

 £6 Primark

This is such a cute Mini Skirt! Sorry about the creases in the picture - I've only just taken it out the bag since London! I love the retro pockets at the front and the simplicity!

H&M £12.99

This Pinafore Dress is from Primark- £10. I fell in love with it when I saw it, it's so quirky and  I was shocked to find this style in Primark already. It is really cute with a baggy T-shirt underneath!

These are some bits that I have spotted on the High Street in the last week or so..

I spent quite a while in Primark- you do have to search for things, and the fitting is sometimes poor, but it is definitely worth hunting sometimes!

Primark Best Picks

I love these styled skirts where they continue to full length with a sheer fabric- it is flesh flash without being too revealing!

Monochrome, as everyone knows by now, is huge- but I particularly like the  Graphic printed dresses, and the  classy secretarial Pencil Skirts popping up. What a bargain- this skirt and this dress are only £10!

Fringing and tassels are always a huge part of my wardrobe!

H&M Best Picks




PASTELS RETURN SEASON AFTER SEASON.. I love these Satchels at the top here. And this bag below is cute, but smart and office friendly!

I don't normally like skulls and crosses- as they are everywhere and unavoidable, and becoming a tad boring.. But I really love this dress!

Mesh overlays add a rougher edge to this skater skirt. I really like this grunge military feel.

 Miss Selfridge Best Picks

I could have cried when I saw these boots they are stunning. I love the suede panels and buckles, and cut out at the side.

I love these biker style leggings, although leather paneling has to be done carefully I think!

Urban Outfitters Best Picks

I love these high neck blouses with cut out shoulders! This Paisley print is gorgeous.

I love these 'tweedy' blazers and jackets at the moment.. My own from New Look is a thin thing, but this U/O one looks cosy and snuggly!

Topshop Best Picks

<3 Monochrome printed trousers... Especially ankle grazers.
So versatile for different occasions..

I am really loving the sweet little string, sheer blouses in Topshop at the moment- although they aren't very practical for the freezing weather of Southy right now!

This is a blouse I purchased but may take back! I love the crisp white panel detail.

 River Island Best Picks

I love this style of boot, which will kick off well when the weather warms up. I love the lace up on these river Island ones. They were £35 but I found them on sale on the River Island website the other day - £20!

And this is a really sweet dress I found in the Beatnik Emporium (Charity Retro Shop Southampton)
If it was a play suit I would have purchased it, but it would be a little too short on me! I love the vibrant colours and the lace collar. Retrooooo.

Thanks for reading! 
Hope you've gained some S/S inspiration
Becky XxX

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