Monday, February 18, 2013

Update, And LFW Favourite Looks So far!

Favourite looks and designer collections
so far...
So I have been keeping a close eye on what's been going on at London Fashion Week! Facebook is amazing- the news feed is constantly updated so you can never get behind and I have been constantly viewing runway videos.. Did anyone else watch the Live UNIQUE runway at 3pm yesterday? I was loving the playlist! - Which you can download from the Topshop website.
Me and a few friends/course mates are off to London Fashion Weekend this Friday- so excited for it! I have had a bit of a bad week.. My mum has had an operation on her shoulder so I have been home to look after her, but on Friday night (after a nice 'flat night' out to the cinema), I fell down the stairs and had to get an ambulance... I was quite scared I had done some bad damage to my back, but I have luckily just broken my coccyx (which is the useless part right at the bottom of your back..) 
The 'Tailbone'

 It is extremely painful to sit or lie down, and the only thing they can suggest is sitting in a rubber ring.. (So it looks like I won't be attending lectures for a while!) I have been dosing myself up and hoping for the best before Friday as it is a 2 1/2 hour coach trip to London (PAINFUL!)
Anyway- we went to see 'I give it a year' - i would reeeeally recommend seeing it, it cheered us all right up after a nice meal in Chiquito's! The end was a bit cheesy but we were chuckling the whole way through :)

Anyway! I have compiled a short list of my favourite looks so far from London Fashion Week...

 Moschino Cheap and Chic

Moschino Cheap and Chic is playful, wacky, and electric- all things I love! All pieces were loud- with lots of clashing prints. Definitely young and statement..

Orla Kiely

The inspiration behind the collection was '60s Secretary. The 1960's is by far my favourite era for fashion inspiration- I am still in love Peterpan collars, beehive hair, and high neck cardigans.. And just look at the cute shoes. I could literally 'Awww!' Pretty, feminine and very playful! I think the White tight trend might kick off.. As well as low block heel T-bars!

 The sound of a type writer accompanied the show (RETRO) whilst the actresses appeared mischievous.

'' The models were the perfect actresses, playing along with the corporate setting by typing, chatting and filing before breaking into a customary catwalk strut. It must be one of the best presentations to take part in at London Fashion Week, gentle music, places to sit down and (hopefully) comfortable shoes. What's not to love? ''

 This is an image I spotted on Facebook- I love how the designs are slowly becoming softer and more feminine in some of the designer collections, straying from the 'need to be out there'. The designs I've seen so far seem much more practical- what I like! Pretty chalky pastels will lighten up a Grey Autumn day..

Thanks for reading! Would love to hear what your favourite shows and looks have been so far, and how you have been keeping up to date?!
Becky xXx

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