Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Internship, Night Out, and Office Shoe Spree

Wooooo so it's been an amazing week! I have been given the internship I went for an interview for last week! And been to Nandos, and had a bit of a splurge in Office to celebrate of course....!


We had a night out last night- it was a bit spontaneous as I had to be up at 8 today - Radio 1 producers interviewed me in my house today for some market research and I got a little pay for it! Ended up just being a casual conversation and the interviewees were lovely.
Here is my little outfit from last night! We went to Oceana- it was packed and all I remember is dancing all night, and the drinks being cheap! The music was great. Definately will be becoming a habit on Tuesday I think.
I found this dress on a mad last minute spree after panicking about what to wear with my flatmate. I love the Monochrome feel right now- and this caught my eye immediately with the turtle neck. I am also a BIG fan of skater styles. It was £13 from Primark!

Dress- Primark £13
New shoes- Office £58
Clutch Bag- Last Season Accessorize
I am a little bit in love..
These are my favies! £58.. but so worth it! They worked out even less for me anyway as Office offer student discount :)
 I have never splurged on shoes and I felt like I deserved to treat myself! They proved to last me all night too, I managed to get home still wearing them! This is despite having blisters from some new H&M shoes.. They were ridiculously comfy, and I didn't feel stupidly tall even though they are HUGE! (Maybe because I was a little too drunk!)
I love wooden block wedge/heels  at the moment- they give such an edge to an outfit, and the gold buckle is FIT!
These beauts caught my eye on the way to the till.. But from £68 to £25 I literally couldn't refuse. They are fail safe and will last a few seasons- and are also crazy comfy! Just to put them to the test on another night out now Ha!
Internship Details 
I'm super duper excited- The company I will be working for is called StyleRevo- they are up and coming and I am really excited to work alongside them, and contribute my creativivity back, and recieve some experience in the industry! They are the place too look if you want to find celebrity style on the highstreet, and have featured videos with well known stylist Alexis Knox.

Their newest video for StyleRevo TV is interviewing Shai Spooner, a celebrity stylist. Shai Spooner has interned with label B-Side (Beyonce and RiRi have been spotted wearing!) So he knows what he's talking about- having styled Dappy, Pixie Lott and Kid British himself. It's really inspirational so take a look at the video!

If you havn't already heard of them check them out- they have some wicked features., and are sure to have a promising future which I can hopefully help shape! I am so excited to have been given the chance to work behind the scenes with them and have already started by taking over the facebook page, and promoting through their social media outlets.
Thanks for reading! Hope you've all had a good start to the month :)
Becky xxx

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