Thursday, January 24, 2013

Internship Interview Prep!

Go Me- Interview in the Big Citttyy!


Hope you have all been having fun in the snow! I love how beautiful it looks but I think my toes are getting a bit fed up now and wish they were toasty again :)

It seems it was fate that I gave up my job when I did- as I have been offered an interview for an internship in London! (That I may actually be able to do!) Most students are looking over summer, but this one is 1-2 days a week so would be perfect along side my uni timetable, and may mean that I get in before the rush of other students applying before summer! They also pay travel and food.. So fingers crossed..

It's been a good week in general! I've had a great night out, a great few days with my boyfriend, I went for a good run today now the snow has cleared, and I got a free graze box (Cheeky student ways)! I'm getting an early night as I have to get a 7 am coach to London for my interview tomorrow!

Anyway- it has been the perfect excuse for me to buy some new interview clothes!

I went shopping to help my dad (woops) and ended up coming away with more than him ..

Five minutes in H&M and £65 later..
 I found these beauts!!!

Pinstripe blouse- £12.99
Leather Pencil skirt- £19.99

I thought it's the perfect look for my interview (with tights and a blazer to keep warm of course!) 

I also popped into Urban Outfitters today.. And OH DEAR. They still have an amazing sale on.. I could have spent so much but I limited myself to this gorgeous dress.. Originally £40, reduced to £10. And when I got the the till it came through as £5 and with student discount, it was the bargain of the YEAR!!!

I also got this cute little going out purse/bag for £5 in the sale in U/O!

 I love these little clutches- they fit my phone in snugly, and my cards and money- essentials for a night out! I can't wait to go out tomorrow to use it. I used it the night before last when me and a few friends went out- this is me and one of my besties Ellen out!

Can't believe it's nearly February- where does the time go! Seems like yesterday was Christmas- but hope you are all back into the swing of things!

Becky xxx

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