Sunday, November 4, 2012

Type Writer Artist Kiera Rathbone

Type Writing Art

Kiera Rathbone is a Type Writer artist living and working in London. She appeared on the one show the other day and since then I have been looking more into her work online- seeing her work has completely fascinated me. The time it must take to complete them and the level of detail is incredible.
What an amazing talent, and what an extraordinary way of celebrating the Type Writer and using it in the modern day to create such beautiful pieces of art! Just goes to show that reusing is the way forward... It seems Kiera doesn't even stencil her subject before typing- creating them 'Free hand'.
I think her page is definately worth a look for some inspiration.

This is Kiera at work. She has created magazine covers and appeared at events and festivals. Some of her portraits can take up to three weeks to do!!!


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