Friday, November 23, 2012

Recent wintery buys!

Recent Purchases!

So I have been a bit of a bad blogger, not a very good start really!
To be honest I have been crazy busy with uni work... We have a hand in monday for a marketing report we have done for Topshop, and it has literally TAKEN over my life!
But I feel a bit more human now that is out of the way!
So I thought I'd do a quick post on a few of my most recent purchases!

I have been on the hunt for a winter jacket, my light parka and leather jacket just won't cut the cold or the blusters anymore! I have a bit of an issue with arm lengths as I'm tall, and am on a bit of a tight budget again at the moment- but I came across this parka in Primark for £26! It is long enough on the arms- really warm, and has a really cute fur lined hood and inside. And a drawstring waist so it's a bit more shapely! Me and my flatmate Ellen (who also studies the same course) do love a good hunt in Primark- you have to dig but it's worth it sometimes! I have recently transformed a sale dress into a plunge necklined one similar in Topshop- I will put pictures up soon!
This oversized clutch is also from Topshop- a bargain 4 pound. I love the look of matt sequins- it's not too over the top but will go with so many going out outfits I have!
This is a scarf I bought in Urban Outfitters. It was from the Urban renewal section, which holds the vintage items. I thought it was a great buy for £8! I've been looking for ages for a checkered Emerald Green and Black scarf- and annoyingly my friend Ellen got one of her mums old vintage ones... I can't find one anywhere! But I was rather happy with this Harry Potter find haaa.


This is a dress I bought from Topshop about, 2 days ago. I love it because it's really easy to wear in the day- but I wore it out last night and absolutely love it. It has a cut out back too. £26!
This is a little something I got from work! I have seen some kits in Topshop, and luckily we have just started stocking these in Accesorize so I got a few! I have been eyeing these kits up for a while, they include a pot of tiny tiny beads, so that it is more like 3D nail art! They are like mini mini hundreds and thousands. I cannot wait to try them! I will post pictures and a review when I get around to doing them!

Hopefully it won't be so long till my next post this time!
I am doing a practice shoot, and my actual photoshoot next week so will pop a couple of piccies up!!

Thanks for reading in the meantime :)xx

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