Monday, December 10, 2012


i-D Photoshoot

So, for one of my units we have had to create a magazine feature for i-D magazine, focusing on diversity. The deadline is this Friday and then it's officialy christmas for me!
With the photographs we also have to produce a written interview.
Due to not being able to pay models, and having to use ordinary models that form as muses, two of my models ended up dropping out.. And not getting back to me at all.
But I am so happy with the end result with my one model Tifani! She has been a blessing.
I wanted the clothing to fit in with i-D magazine, who usually choose designer pieces.
So I stuck to a simple futuristic theme, with a simple colour palette of White/Black and additions of 'pearly' 'wallpaper' textures.
 Nick Knight

I bought some coloured acetates to use ontop of the lighting to create a coloured glow on each shot.
I also wanted to use White Powder, in a similar to way to photographer Nick White. His shots speak to you- they are very simple with the limited use of clothing, and speak on the same level of this project- about diversity. Below are some of the shots I took most interest in.
A Few of My Final Shots
Because of the nature of the project I have used extremely limited editing on the final photographs. I have not layed them out yet in the final magazine structure as I am waiting on the interview piece from Tifani!
This will be the front cover- with all the captions placed on and
i-D logo and credits, to my little helpers Ellen and Caroline!



Thanks for reading!
Becky :) xXx

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