Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's nearly Christttmasss!

Mince Pie Time
So I've been quite busy- finishing off deadlines for uni, and I've been working my bum off! But it will pay off in my pay I hope!
Seen as I love cats here's the card from paperchase I got my mum for christmas! It cheered me up!
I have been keeping snug in an old Black Bobble hat I discovered, I remember it being from H&M a few years ago. I tend to get really bad earache in the wind, and my 'head bands' mess up my hair before work so aren't such a great idea! Here's my little wintery outfit from the other day before heading off to town and the German Christmas markets here for a few drinks.
I love a bit of trashy style! These boots have lasted me through my travelling in Australia and I love them! This is the customised studded bag I adore, and an old Miss Selfridge snood.
Beatnik Emporium Southampton
Me and my flatmates did our last bits of christmas shopping and we ended up in the vintage shop we've always meant to pop into! I got this amazing cute jumper for £15, and I will probably end up living in it now..
I have been on a mission the last few nights to celebrate after getting all my work done! And I'm off for the staff christmas meal tonight at TGI's - we are all dressing up a little so I got a cute bright Red skater skirt from Miss Selfridge! Pictures of outfit to follow.
I go home tomorrow - only till Tuesday :( ! My mum and I are working alot over Christmas so it is kind of our Christmas day- so I'm a little bit excited!!!
I hope everyone is starting to feel festive!
Thanks for reading, Becky xxx


  1. Cute look! I like the hat on you. And funny cat card :-)

  2. Aw thank you I will take a look at your blog!! xx